Marché du Film Programs

Explore our tailor-made programs designed to serve diverse interests and communities!

Open the doors to the global film industry!

As the top film business event in the world, the Marché du Film provides a diverse group of tailored programs dedicated to all sectors of the industry: co-production, docs, animation, genre films, XR, innovation and MORE!

Through these progams, market participants gain access to pitching sessions for film projects & works-in-progress, one-to-one meetings, immersive workshops and a multitude of networking events. These experiences are meticulously crafted to cultivate fresh collaborations, secure film financing, and discover today’s rising talents! 


Producers Network brings together a selected group of 400 audiovisual producers each year for a series of breakfast meetings and exclusive networking events, fostering co-production opportunities and collaboration.

Cannes Docs offers a dedicated venue and tailored program of events (talks, consultations, workshops…) for all feature documentary film professionals, culminating in the much-anticipated Doc Day, an exclusive day-long celebration of documentary cinema, featuring celebrated guest speakers and filmmakers in selection.

Cannes Next is an innovation-driven business development platform dedicated to exploring the future of the entertainment sector. This unique gathering serves as a nexus for enhancing partnerships, business opportunities, and industry inspiration through a tailor-made series of conferences, keynotes and workshops with today’s key visionaries and game-changers.

Animation Day unites the worldwide animation filmmaking community in Cannes for a festive day filled with engaging talks, insightful panel discussions, captivating screenings, and dynamic networking events — all dedicated to the world of animation!

Streamers Forum presents an eclectic array of exclusive keynotes and conferences dedicated to global streaming services. Gain valuable insights from expert streamers worldwide as they unveil the latest innovative strategies and trends shaping the landscape of the streaming world.

Explore our Frontières and Fantastic 7 showcases — featuring the very best talents and projects of the fantastic genre — and immerse yourself in the vibrant genre film community at the Fantastic Pavilion, the ultimate genre hub that brings enthusiasts and creators together in a celebration of all things extraordinary!


Switzerland, Country of Honour, will take the spotlight at our 2024 market edition with a special showcase of fresh Swiss content, cutting-edge innovation, and exceptional talent spanning all key sections of the market. Organized with Swiss Films, and in collaboration with the Swiss Federal Office of Culture & SRG SSR, this extraordinary program promises to be a major highlight!

impACT is our latest transversal program, designed to spark meaningful dialogue on the pivotal issues that are shaping today’s cinema, such as diversity, inclusion, representation, sustainability and equity. This initiative features inspiring conferences with forward-thinking speakers and exclusive lab workshops tailored for emerging producers eager to make a positive impact in the industry.


Producers Network brings together a selected group of 500 audiovisual producers each year for a series of breakfast meetings and exclusive networking events, fostering co-production opportunities and collaboration.

Co-Production Day is designed for individuals seeking co-producers, financiers and partnership opportunities. Join us for insightful panels, dynamic pitching sessions, and engaging networking events, including the exciting and much-anticipated Co-Production Night!

Investors Circle is a fresh, high-impact event that assembles elite film and media financing experts. The private pitch showcases a carefully curated selection of top-tier film projects poised for presentation to an exclusive group of private investors.

Spotlight Asia is a groundbreaking global platform, shedding light on the Asian film market while fostering increased connections between Asia and the international film industry. With a special focus on the dynamic Asian IP market, this platform is an ideal resource for potential co-producers seeking valuable insights into collaboration details, working dynamics, legal frameworks and the challenges inherent in ambitious projects.

Works-in-Progress Showcases

Goes to Cannes provides renowned international festivals with a platform to present their curated selection of the most promising work-in-progress titles in Cannes. These projects are presented by emerging talents in search of sales agents, distributors or festival selection.

Docs-in-Progress, a significant segment of our Cannes Docs program, showcases handpicked selections of international creative docs in the rough cut stage, set to hit the circuit shortly and actively seeking interest from sales agents and festival programmers, as well as potential gap financing.

Annecy Animation Showcase, the focal point of our Animation Day event, is brought to you in partnership with the Annecy International Animation Film Festival. It serves as a platform to unveil the most promising works-in-progress in the field of animation today.

Frontières — Buyers Showcase, presented in partnership with Fantasia Film Festival, shines a spotlight on the most creative and promising genre works-in-progress or recently completed films, all eagerly seeking international distribution, sales representation and/or festival recognition.

Fantastic 7, in partnership with Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia, presents 7 of the finest genre film projects selected by 7 renowned international film festivals. The goal is to nurture emerging talents and facilitate connections with potential business partners.

IP Market

Shoot The Book! is a vibrant 2-day initiative, co-organized with SCELF and in colloboration with the Institut Français, uniting French and European publishers with international producers eager to adapt literary works for the big screen.

Training & Workshops

Cannes Makers is an immersive 3-day training and mentorship experience for a chosen group of young, aspiring film professionals. Designed to enhance vocational skills, this program also provides participants with a unique platform for valuable networking opportunities and direct engagement with influential industry experts.

impACT Lab, the workshop component of our impACT program, is meticulously crafted to empower a selected group of emerging producers. Our aim is to furnish them with the indispensable skills needed to actualize their impactful projects, guided by a team of seasoned industry experts.


Spot the Composer, in collaboration with SACEM, is an exceptional program aimed at cultivating harmonious collaborations by connecting professional film composers with feature film directors and producers in Cannes.

SFC | Rendez-vous Industry is a forum dedicated to short film professionals. As a non-competitive section of the Festival de Cannes, its aim is to help create new bonds between the filmmakers and the industry.