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Explore our programs and dedicated pavilion catered to the genre film community!

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Explore our Frontières and Fantastic 7 showcases — featuring the very best talents and projects of the fantastic genre — and immerse yourself in the vibrant genre film community at the Fantastic Pavilion, the ultimate genre hub that brings enthusiasts and creators together in a celebration of all things extraordinary!

Genre Film Community

Frontières, presented in partnership with Fantasia Film Festival, shines a spotlight on the most creative and promising genre works through two dynamic pitching sessions: Proof of Concept (films in advanced financing stages) and Buyers Showcase (films in post-production). Sales agents, distributors, festival programmers are invited to attend and meet the creative talents behind the proejcts.

Fantastic 7, in partnership with Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia, presents 7 of the finest genre film projects, selected by 7 renowned international film festivals. These works-in-progress — in post-production or recently completed — are presented by their creative teams during a live pitching session to draw interest from investors, distributors, sales agents and genre film enthusiasts.

Fantastic Pavilion, an independent initiative by Pablo Guisa Koestinger, is a notable booth and exhibition space where the genre and fantastic film community can convene, network, and collaborate. Situated within the Marché du Film, this central hub offers a variety of networking opportunities and events, serving as a vibrant platform to honor the influence of fantastic films and video games, while propelling the genre to new horizons.