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Explore our programs and dedicated pavilion catered to the genre film community!

Dive into the world of genre!

Explore our Frontières and Fantastic 7 showcases — featuring the very best talents and projects of the fantastic genre — and immerse yourself in the vibrant genre film community at the Fantastic Pavilion, the ultimate genre hub that brings enthusiasts and creators together in a celebration of all things extraordinary!

Genre Film Community

Fantastic Pavilion is a notable booth and exhibition space orchestrated by dedicated members of the genre and fantastic film community, celebrating the profound influence of the genre within the audiovisual industry. The Pavilion is designed to showcase the latest trends, innovations, and standout properties in both genre films and games.

Frontières, presented in partnership with Fantasia Film Festival, shines a spotlight on the most creative and promising genre works through two dynamic pitching sessions: Proof of Concept for films in advanced financing stages, and Buyers Showcase for works-in-progress seeking distribution, sales representation and/or festival recognition.

Fantastic 7, in partnership with Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia, presents 7 of the finest genre film projects (in development or in post-production) selected by 7 renowned international film festivals. The goal is to nurture emerging talents and facilitate connections with potential business partners.