The platform to discover & experience innovation and the future of the entertainment business in Cannes!

Cannes Next is the key innovation-focused business and networking platform, focusing on the future of the entertainment sector in the annual industry calendar.

Cannes Next is a unique gathering that serves as a nexus for enhancing partnerships and fostering business opportunities. It connects world-class creativity with cutting-edge business, next-generation entertainment, content technology, and innovation in Cannes!

Uncover new industry trends and developments at the conferences and  masterclasses. Engage with world-leading experts at the forefront of innovation. Make your next deal at the Investors x Corporates and Ecosystem Leaders Summit. Explore the impact of new technologies, from Virtual Production to A.I., and future-proof your business by developing partnerships with industry experts and startups. Make a dent by engaging with hackathons and special events that bring together storytelling with innovation and technology for a social cause. If that’s not all, immerse yourself in the masterclasses, workshops, and experiences at the Cannes Next Innovation Studio — a world-class, real-time production technology showcase hub.

📅 Cannes Next 2024 runs from 14-21 May across the Main Stage, Palais Stage, Viewpoint, Plage des Palmes, and Cannes Next Innovation Studio.


2024 Cannes Next Edition

Join us for an unparalleled experience of 50+ conferences, summits, masterclasses and workshops!

A.I. Focus with Microsoft

Uncover the potential of artificial intelligence at Cannes Next’s 2024 focus on A.I. in partnership with Microsoft at their dedicated A.I. Cafe on the beach. Enjoy hands-on demos, panels, and deep dives including filmmaker discussions, debates on ethical A.I., and panels exploring the use cases of A.I. from creation to post-production, led by the world’s leading A.I. experts from Europe.

Future of Entertainment & Virtual Production Summit

At the Future of Entertainment & Virtual Production Summit, explore the hottest trends and topics, virtual production, and the future of creation with industry rockstars. The 2024 edition of the summit is held in partnership with the Institute of Immersive Media, Faber Audiovisuel, ROE Visual, and Stype.

Next Tech on the Beach

Expand your network at the Next Tech on the Beach, a summit for investors, corporates, ecosystem leaders, and technology founders at the Plage des Palmes, held in partnership with global open innovation catalyst Sprockit.

Industry Insights Day 

Get the latest scoop on the state of European and global business at the Industry Insights Day, with the latest data and business insights from the Nostradamus Report and a focus on European small markets at the launch of the Crescendo “State of European Film” platform.

CONNECT — Entertainment Tech Hub 

CONNECT the Entertainment Tech Hub is an innovation space that brings together 12 tech startups, carefully selected among the most influential and renowned startups in the entertainment industry. This initiative aims to empower industry professionals with innovative solutions that streamline operations, enhance strategic decision-making, and promote growth within the entertainment sector, benefiting all professionals from artists to studios. Meet the selected startups:

  • Behive
  • Blue Efficience
  • FilmChain
  • Flying Secoya
  • Gruvi
  • Lipitt
  • Backup Media Group’s MovieChainer
  • N2F
  • PentoPix

Cannes Next Innovation Studio 

Last but not least, discover the Cannes Next Innovation Studio — a 150sqm, custom-built hub for next-generation Virtual Production and creative technology. Created by Faber Audiovisuel and powered by ROE & Stype, this massive LED production studio is located at the Pantiero and offers a one-week, hands-on program of masterclasses, workshops, and the VONA ecoside hackathon session.

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Principal Supporter

Creative Europe MEDIA

Creative Europe MEDIA supports the European film and audiovisual industries by facilitating the development, distribution and promotion of their work.Through its funding initiatives, it helps films, TV series, documentaries, video games, and immersive content with a European dimension to travel across borders. Additionally, they provide support to cinemas, festivals and markets, while nurturing European talents and audience development.

Principal Technology Partner


We’re excited to offer you tailored audiovisual solutions to enhance your events and productions. Our approach is both effective and efficient, meeting your deadlines and budget. Our aim is to craft memorable experiences for all attendees, whether the event is live, hybrid, or online. Leveraging our experience, commitment to quality, and innovative services, we strive to be your reliable production partner. We value our expertise and collaborative client relationships. Our dedicated team is passionate, striving for excellence and always ready to go the extra mile. We focus on team growth and innovation to not only meet but exceed your expectations.

Next Tech on the Beach Partner


SPROCKIT is a Global Open Innovation Platform Fast-Tracking Innovation Discovery for Corporations and Startups Seeking Partnerships. Since 2013, SPROCKIT has been the trusted Global Open Innovation Platform and ecosystem for 60+ leading Fortune 500 Media, Entertainment and Technology companies and 250+ market-tested tech startups to bring innovative products, services and revenue models to market through partnerships, investments and acquisitions. Over the past 10 years, SPROCKIT startups from 20+ countries have raised more than $2 billion from tier one investors, had 33 exits and 100’s of partnerships.

Hackathon Partners


Join us for a journey into cinematic activism with DIM filmhouse’s “VONA: Inside Ecocide,” a documentary film and hackathon led by co-producer +372 Community. Here, we seek solutions for environmental damage in Ukraine and aim to enhance global awareness of ecocide. The ‘hack’ will connect Cannes, Tallinn, and Kyiv to the international digital community. Endorsed by Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas and Nobel laureate Oleksandra Matviichuk, and held in partnership with Invest Estonia, Start-up Estonia, CCL, Stop Ecocide, Latitude 59, and Flare Films.

Future of Entertainment & VP Summit Presenters


The Institute of Immersive Media (IIM) is a visionary alliance of state-of-the-art studios and tech heavyweights committed to pushing the boundaries of virtual production, XR and immersive media. IIM is dedicated to engaging European film festivals, and cultivating a professional community. We enable industry leaders to leverage the latest technology, enabling creativity and possibilities in the realm of storytelling, through comprehensive education, innovative workshops, and collaborative experiences.


ROE Visual manufactures unrivaled, award-winning LED displays for broadcast, film, and live events. Trusted by major touring artists, film productions, and broadcast events, ROE Visual’s products live up to the exacting demands of the industry’s creatives and technologists. From the onset of Virtual Production, ROE Visual has been a key player, delivering visual excellence for ICVFX-based productions for Directors of Photography and producers. Collaborating with industry-leading VP specialists and studios worldwide, we provide top-notch solutions, expert knowledge, and extensive support.

Future of Entertainment & VP Summit Technology Partners


stYpe is a leading provider of advanced tracking systems for the film and television industry. Awarded for two consecutive years with the Emmy Award for our hardware product line in 2022, and for our groundbreaking StypeLand XR software plugin for Unreal Engine in 2023, our solutions provide unparalleled color matching for Virtual Production in LED Volumes, and allow seamless camera movements and top-quality coverage. Join us to witness your set transform into a world of virtual, augmented or mixed reality, and bring your scenes to life with award-winning technology.

ReadySet Studios

ReadySet Studios brings together skilled Dutch filmmakers, VFX specialists, and technology experts. We’re dedicated to transforming filmmaking with continuously implementing advanced LED and content creation technology and simplifying production processes. With our innovative ICVFX pipeline, we streamline production, emphasizing sustainability and unleashing boundless creativity.

Cannes Next Partners & Exhibitors

Switzerland, Country of Honour

Switzerland’s increasing influence in the fields of innovation and technology will take center stage as our 2024 Country of Honour at this year’s Marché du Film to showcase the latest cutting-edge tools and facilitate connections with Swiss visionaries, startups, influential decision-makers, and film funding entities. Recognized as the global leader in innovation for 2023 by a UN study conducted by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), Switzerland impressively continues to hold top ranking in the Global Innovation Index (GII) for a 13th consecutive year. This recognition reaffirms Switzerland’s commitment to fostering creativity and propelling technological advancements forward.

International Screen Institute

The International Screen Institute is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing innovative top-level training for film and media creatives and executives, emphasizing the business aspects of the audiovisual industry. With a focus on fostering sustainable careers and businesses, the Institute aims to connect and empower international international industry professionals working both in fictional and factual content realms, as well as all key-players within the audiovisual ecosystem. Through its training programs, the Institute brings together international film and TV experts with selected participants, both in Austria and online.

Adapt Entertainment

Adapt Entertainment is a creative technology company that has developed a proprietary AI neural-rendering process that enables the synchronization of dialogue in foreign language films or TV series with a new language, seamlessly integrating the new dialogue into the original content. As a result, the production appears as though it was originally filmed entirely in the new language, while preserving the performance of the original content. The technology allows for an inclusive, enhanced storytelling experience while maintaining the integrity of the original actor’s performance and script, with no subtitles and no dubbing. This allows for a much larger global audience for international content without the need for remakes.

Göteborg Film Festival

Göteborg Film Festival is the leading film festival in the Nordics and the primary industry platform in the region with more than 2000 professionals attending. The festival is one of the world’s largest audience festivals, hosting several major competitions such as Nordic Competition, International Competition and the Ingmar Bergman Competition. Nordic Film Market welcomes industry from all over the world, showcasing films and talents from the Nordics, presenting the annual Nostradamus report about the near future of the audiovisual industries, as well as the drama series conference and marketplace TV Drama Vision. The 48th Göteborg Film Festival will be held January 24 – February 2, 2025.


MovieChainer, launched in 2015 by Backup Systems, is a web service designed to help entertainment professionals manage their intellectual property rights efficiently. It provides a suite of business-oriented tools that centralize projects and data, streamline rights management, and enable clear reporting. This helps optimize time, increase revenues, and gain insights into business performance. MovieChainer aims to simplify the often complex process of rights management, making it more accessible for studios, independents, and talents who depend on their intellectual property as a crucial asset.


Letterboxd is a global social network for grass-roots film discussion and discovery with millions of active members worldwide. Our members use it as a diary to record and share their opinions about films as they watch them,  keep track of films they have seen in the past and to connect with our members.  Our members can also  keep a watchlist of films  they would  like to see, and create lists/collections on any given topic. We have apps for iOS, Android and Apple TV.

MAD Celebrity

MAD Celebrity, the world’s largest promotional agency and management company for Arab creative talent, empowers artists and artisans to become ambassadors of their own careers. We build awareness campaigns for our clients that drive more traffic and engagement; we manage their press, publicity, and film festival exposure; we provide consultancy services that enhance their presence on all platforms; and we strategize on their participation in international projects and events. Clients include top-tier celebrities, rising stars, and behind-the-camera creative talents.

Fugitive Sisters

Fugitive Sister’s daring and innovative feminine-forward entertainment is rooted in New York City and stretches to international audiences around the world. Through hosting festivals, script competitions, classes, and immersive plays, it focuses on uplifting & connecting with underprivileged voices. Fugitive Sister develops, produces, and distributes powerful, character-driven stories that never steers away from onerous topics and focuses on curating a new and inclusive visual language.

My Global Village

MyGlobalVillage connects individuals and organizations passionate about making a positive impact in their industries and communities. It is a dynamic, collaborative community and collective intelligence platform that empowers users to share and discover cutting-edge solutions, knowledge, skills, resources, and collaborate on projects to drive positive change. Join the myGlobalVillage ecosystem to develop innovative solutions or tap into the expertise of professionnals. With a vibrant and supportive community of like-minded individuals, myGlobalVillage offers unparalleled opportunities for growth. Join today and become part of a global movement for positive change!

Cannes Gala by NOMA

Debuting at the Marché du Film, this inaugural event transcends boundaries, welcoming leaders and artists worldwide. Promising elegance and innovation, it’s set to inspire. Led by film studio NOMA, with Taichi serving as chairman, and executive producer Ryo Nakatsuji. Associating Marc-Lionel Gatto from My Global Village, and Anita Gupta from KiwiTech, each contributing their unique insights and talents to ensure the success of this groundbreaking event. The gala aims to celebrate the future of cinema with traditional cultural performances, dinner, a charity auction, and speeches. Themed “Honest and Noble,” it pays homage to the film industry’s rich history while embracing modern sophistication.