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Cannes Next is an executive conference and innovation-driven business development platform exploring the future of the entertainment sector. It is a unique gathering enhancing partnerships and fostering business opportunities by connecting world-class creativity with cutting-edge business and technological innovation.

Join us to get inspired by top-tier visionaries and decision-makers through a tailor-made series of inspiring conferences, keynotes, and panel discussions; to grow your network with creatives, clients, and tech companies, among our various events. Discover and test new solutions, network with executives and entrepreneurs, attend startup pitching sessions, and explore new business opportunities.

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World Class Speakers and Attendees

Some of our previous speakers and attendees include Roman Coppola (American Zoetrope), Ted Sarandos (Netflix), Lucia Recalde (DG Connect / European Commission), Nusrat Durrani (MTV Networks/Viacom, former), Ted Hope (For Hope Productions, Amazon Studios, former), Brittany Kaiser (Own Your Data Foundation), Sander Saar (Moonbug, Red Bull), Julie Brill (Microsoft), Stan McCoy (Motion Picture Association), John Canning (AMD), Marc Petit (Unreal Engine/Epic Games), Jehanne Rosseau (Spiders Games), Miikka Rosendahl (Zoan), Ralph Simon (FRSA, Mobilium) and others.

Explore the future of film business, financing, and virtual production at Cannes Next

Cannes Next, the executive conference and innovation-driven business development platform exploring the future of the film and entertainment business, is back in Cannes for its 2022 edition. From Thursday 19 to Sunday 22 May, Cannes Next will be highlighting the industry’s most prominent game-changers, trends, and technologies.

The 2022 edition will highlight:

Virtual Production, for independent producers and power players
New Financing, from venture capital to Media Invest and NFTs
Artificial Intelligence, and how to use it for packaging, production and audience engagement
Big Data, and why decision-makers should take advantage of it for creating successful slates
– Plus, explore cutting-edge initiatives from the Metaverse for filmmakers to the future entertainment city

Explore Cannes Next 2022 Highlights

Virtual Production Day

Virtual Production, bringing together photorealistic sets created in-game engines with LED screens, is undoubtedly one of the most significant disruptions the film industry has witnessed, promising never-before-seen creative output and cost cuttings. But is the promise of this groundbreaking process and technology only available for larger-than-life blockbuster productions and the industry’s global heavyweights? Or will it revolutionize the future of filmmaking for the independents and enable Europe to become a powerhouse player?

. Join the exclusive masterclass “Virtual Production for Producers and Directors“ with award-winning director of photography Jannicke Mikkelsen (Netflix, “Stowaway”) powered by Unreal Engine.

. Explore the European power players, studios, and experts in the Virtual Production Summit supported by Creative Europe MEDIA, or discover how shoot your next movie in the virtual metaverse set of Cornerstone.Land, created by award-winning extended reality studio Zoan.

Future of Financing Day

Increasing competition over public funds and explosion of production combined with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic is forcing the industry to seek new and innovative financing models to stay actively competitive.
The year 2022 will be a game-changer for European Commissioned-financing and private ventures injecting previously unseen resources into the industry.

. Explore the future of film financing with Cannes Next by joining the exclusive masterclass by Usheru and discover how data can back your executive decision-making and create better success for your productions

. Witness a one-of-a-kind pitching event when Largo AI presents their innovative packaging scenarios produced by their award-winning production intelligence platform.

. Get access to case studies and experiences with the Future of Financing summit with European Commission backed financing, independent power player studio XYZ Films, venture capital film Kiyo and NFT Studio, Europe’s leading film tech studio Cascade8 and Hollywood’s decentralized film fund Decentralized Pictures.
Plus, get ready for some significant announcements for the future of film financing in Europe!

NFTs meet Producers Brunch

NFTs (or non-fungible tokens) have taken the world by storm, cashing in millions of dollars in digital auctions and leaving the industry proponents calling it the next “gold rush” or the “change-maker in global film financing.”

The Cannes Next NFT Showcase and Business Brunch morning will bring together seven industry-validated pioneering platforms: next-generation film funds, digital distribution, collectables and IP management, and the metaverse.

Join the exclusive brunch to showcase or learn what opportunities NFTs can offer to creators, producers, financiers and studios. Plus, network with pre-registered projects and professionals! The showcase will be combined with a first-come, first-served business matching to build business opportunities between NFT platforms & innovators and a selected number of industry projects and professionals.

Future proof your business with Cannes Next partner sessions

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