Country of Honour


Introducing the Marché du Film's 2024 Country of Honour!

The Marché du Film is delighted to welcome Switzerland, our Country of Honour for the upcoming 2024 edition!

Switzerland’s participation in Cannes will be organized by Swiss Films, in collaboration with the Swiss Federal Office of Culture and the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation SRG SSR, who will work together with the Marché du Film this year to celebrate their country’s outstanding contributions to the audiovisual industry, revel in its cinematic excellence, and marvel at its groundbreaking strides in innovation and technology.

More details about the upcoming program will be announced soon!

In the meantime, read the full press release, and stay up-to-date with Switzerland’s audiovisual activities on social media! 👇

Switzerland: A Leader in Innovation

Switzerland’s influence in the fields of innovation and technology is gaining prominence and will be showcased at this year’s Marché du Film. Attendees will have a unique opportunity to engage with the latest cutting-edge tools and connect with Swiss visionaries, startups, influential decision-makers, and film funding entities.

Recognized as the global leader in innovation for 2023 by a UN study conducted by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), Switzerland impressively continues to hold top ranking in the Global Innovation Index (GII) for a 13th consecutive year. This recognition highlights Switzerland’s commitment to fostering creativity and driving technological advancements.

Attractive Co-Producing Partner

Switzerland is emerging as a significant co-production country, 43% of their feature-length films are international coproductions! Furthermore, Switzerland actively participates in approximately 80 productions annually. From high-profile European films to major and minor co-productions, the Swiss film industry has experienced remarkable growth and gained recognition at major international film festivals.

With established treaties in 44 countries across Europe, North America, and Central America, Switzerland’s commitment to co-production extends globally. Producers collaborating with Swiss counterparts can benefit from substantial rebates of up to 40% of their investment costs. Additionally, the Swiss film landscape offers approximately €100 million in annual production funds at the national level, creating a dynamic environment for creative collaboration and cinematic innovation.

Switzerland is proud to present its audiovisual creations in the field of film and innovation as our 2024 Country of Honour. Discover the limitless possibilities of partnering with Switzerland — where innovation meets artistic excellence. Join us at this year’s Marché du Film and come explore the vibrant Swiss film industry!


With its impressive numbers in co-productions and its growing influence in innovation, Switzerland is proud to present its current achievements!

#1 Innovation Leader

20-40% in Tax Rebates

40 co-productions per year

44 countries with co-production treaties

€100 million in public & regional funding