Film Commissions

Get to know Swiss Film Commissions!

Discover why Switzerland is the go-to destination for filmmakers looking for attractive co-production opportunities! 

Switzerland film commissions aim to connect producers and local production services providers and help in finding local assistance, co-production partnerships or shooting location.

Switzerland has an impressive network of 6 film commissions and various regional contacts such as Bern Film Commission, Film Commission Lucerne & Central Switzerland, Film Location Riviera, Ticino Film Commission, Valais Film Commission & Film Commission Zurich.

Learn more about them below!


Bern Film Commission

The Canton of Bern is a uniquely stunning location for film productions. Bern für den Film and Made in Bern Ltd dedicate themselves to attracting and facilitating more film productions in the Bern Region. With its idyllic natural landscapes, the Alps, and its history-steeped towns and cities, the Canton of Bern boasts a huge diversity of backdrops for movie locations. Film productions also benefit from a reliable infrastructure, a dense and punctual public transport network and legal certainty.

Film Commission Lucerne & Central Switzerland

Central Switzerland, the heart of Switzerland, offers a multitude of different locations in a small area: from alpine to urban. The region captivates with its history full of historical and current events and has always welcomed film productions. The Film Commission Lucerne & Central Switzerland provides free support for productions at every stage: from development and location scouting to production. It also helps with post-production and promotion planning. It arranges favorable conditions for accommodation and for the use of private and public land. It helps in negotiations with authorities and administrations and advises productions on all regional aspects and supports their communication.

Film Location Riviera

Welcome to Montreux Riviera. Here, you’ll find an incredible variety of never-before-seen filming locations. From the blue waters of Lake Geneva to the mountainous landscapes of the Glacier 3000 snow-covered all year round!
The Montreux-Vevey area is a huge open-air studio where most filming locations can be reached in a matter of minutes, and no location is more than an hour away from your hotel! Enjoy the comfort of shooting your film in one of Switzerland’s most scenic regions, while you work quickly and efficiently, saving you time and money.

Ticino Film Commission

The Ticino Film Commission supports film and audiovisual production in Ticino and promotes the region as a location. It is a non-profit foundation, established in 2014 thanks to the public financial support. It attracts and accompanies audiovisual productions aiming to enhance the area’s cultural, landscape and historical heritage in order to increase visibility and at the same time to create new job opportunities and growth for local professionals. Ten years after its inception, the TFC has become the competence centre for audiovisual creation in Italian-speaking Switzerland and is now an indispensable link in the chain of the regional and national film industry.

Valais Film Commission

The aim of the Valais Film Commission is to attract film shoots to the Valais in order to generate direct and indirect economic added value, to enhance the canton’s image through the films supported and to develop a local industry with local film skills. In addition to logistical, administrative and/or artistic support, the VFC offers a “cash rebate” of between 15% and 35% for the production of feature-length fiction, animation and series films if certain expenses are incurred in Valais. Although such a system exists in many countries, it is an innovation in Switzerland and gives the Valais a special place in the national audiovisual scene.

Film Commission Zurich

Film Commission Zurich: The first port of call for local and international production companies looking to shoot in Zurich! Supported by the city, the canton of Zurich, Zurich Tourism, and the Zurich Film Foundation, we offer seamless support and invaluable networking opportunities – all free of charge. From location scouting to assisting with filming permits, we simplify the production process and connect you with the local film industry and resources. Let us be your guide to Zurich’s breathtaking backdrops and thriving film scene.