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Travel to Cannes

🚄 Train (SNCF)

The Cannes Train Station (Gare de Cannes) and train ticket services are located at: 4 Pl. de la Gare, 06400 Cannes.

🛫 Plane

Travel between Cannes and Nice Côte d’Azur Airport, using available taxis or take bus line #81.

🚗 Car Rental

Europcar provides rental services for cars, scooters, tourism and work vehicles. Find their offices at: 3, rue du Commandant Vidal, 06400 Cannes.


🛏️ bNetwork

bNetwork provides quick access to available hotels in Cannes via their trusted and secure booking platform.

🏨 Immosol

Immosol provides reliable apartment listings for Marché participants.


🚶 Tourist Office

Find the tourist office at the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès de Cannes: 1, bd de la Croisette, 06400 Cannes (Croisette entrance) – Open 7/7.

ℹ️ Information Desks

Hostesses are at your disposal for any further information at the “i” desks, inside the Palais des Festivals, in the Riviera and at the Gare Maritime.

🎈 Le Ballon Rouge

Offering childcare and family-friendly services for market & festival attendees. Click to learn more.


Accommodation in Cannes

✔ Accommodations & Fraud

There are a number of lodging possibilities in Cannes in close proximity to the Marché. You can find and consult a list of hotels at the Cannes Tourism Office.

For hotels, please consult bNetwork, which offers a secure and convenient booking platform for Cannes accommodations.

For apartments, please contact our official partner Immosol, who offers apartments with hotel services within your budget.

Beware of fraudulent accommodation providers.

Marché participants have reported falling victim to fraudulent accommodation providers presenting themselves under names such as: Allen & Stratton Events, Business Travel International, Cannes Event, Capital Exhibitions, Concierge PLus group, Europ Concierge Net, Euro Events, Euro Events Expo, Expos-International, Expo Travel Group, Global Living Group, ITC Today, Krystel Karam International, Originata Event, Premier Destinations, Riviera Luxury Limousines, Riviera Network, Splash Ilc, Splendor, Splendor Global, Star Eventz, The Ultimate Living Group, Universal Event Solutions Limited, Universal Show.

If you receive requests or notifications from any of the aforementioned, please be extremely careful. For all of your lodging reservations, we strongly recommend that you book with one of our partners to avoid fraud.

How do the frauds work?

  • A fraudulent venture repetitively emails the participants with offers (apartment, hotel, room, transportation… )
  • Their website and/or emails mention the Marché du Film, Festival de Cannes, or the Palme d’Or name and logo, creating what looks like a trustworthy environment.
  • They promote attractive deals with local providers.
  • Once payment has been received, the fraudulent companies can no longer be contacted and there is no possibility of having payment reimbursed.

🔔 Reporting fraud: if you suspect any fraudulent activity, please let us know.

Accreditation in Cannes

✔ Registration in Cannes

Badges will be available for collection starting 13 May.

Registering directly in Cannes is possible.

You must provide the same documents required for online accreditation. These documents must prove the activity of your company and the fact that you work for it (anything that enables our accreditation department to check the legitimacy of your company in the audiovisual industry). You will have to present an ID card in order to retrieve your badge.

You will need to keep your badge on your person for the entire duration of the Marché du Film, inside the Festival area, and in order to access all screening rooms at the Marché du Film.

🚫 Please understand that your badge will feature your full name and that it is prohibited to lend it to anyone else.

✔ Day Pass

If you plan to stay in Cannes only to attend a few meetings, you can request a day pass for a maximum of 3 days. It will give you access to all the Marché du Film booths but not to screenings.

The cost is € 70 (VAT inc.) per day per person (not including eco-contribution). This pass is available at the Gare Maritime outside the Palais des Festivals.  

Shipment Express Mail Service

✔ FedEx Express FR - TNT Services

Express transport service for worldwide shipments – Palais, Level -1

+ 33 6 73 00 74 50 –

  • For exhibitors: pick-up at your stand and express shipping of your packages and documents in France and throughout the world
  • For visitors: special “luggage + delivery” offer to send home your documents, brochures, films, and DVDs that you’ve collected during the Marché du Film!