Join our community of documentary film professionals! Cannes Docs 2023 key dates are 18-23 May. Don’t miss out!

Every year during the Marché du Film, Cannes Docs offers a dedicated venue and tailored program of events for all feature documentary film professionals – filmmakers and industry decision-makers alike.

At the heart of the world’s n°1 film festival and market, Cannes Docs reaffirms the fundamental place and role of the documentary genre, and works at ever-strengthening its organic integration within the global film industry. To this end, Cannes Docs includes the annual Doc Day, an exclusive daylong celebration of documentary cinema and of its essential role in our contemporary societies.

Cannes Docs strongly intends to be as useful, relevant and welcoming as possible, for documentary filmmakers of all backgrounds and origins, as well as for all of the field’s predominant players.

Please go to the SCHEDULE tab to access this year’s program of activities and events, which will be continuously enriched and updated until Cannes. + if you want to have an idea of the program’s vibe – or just bring back a few good memories from last year – check out the 2022 Cannes Docs slideshow.

📆 The key dates for Cannes Docs 2023 are Thursday 18 (Opening) to Tuesday 23 May (Doc Day).

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Throughout the Marché du Film, Cannes Docs offers multiple opportunities to documentary filmmakers and to all professionals working with creative, cinematic, author-driven feature docs, particularly specialized sales agents and top international festival programmers.

This unique networking platform brings together all the major players in the field for a series of customized events including one-on-one consultations with decision-makers, group presentations with industry professionals, social events, panels & talks, special screenings, workshops, happy hours, as well as curated showcases of docs-in-progress from all around the world.

Cannes Docs is particularly relevant for producers with films in advanced stages of production (in editing/post), who are looking for a festival premiere and/or for a sales agent, or for sellers and programmers looking for the most enthralling soon-to-hit-the-circuit docs.

More generally, Cannes Docs is a B-to-B platform designed to connect with peers and documentary film professionals of all backgrounds, promote your line-up, festival, company or organization, expand your network and develop your films & projects.

Each year, the program rounds off with Doc Day, a full-day event composed of keynotes, panel discussions and masterclasses, featuring inspiring doc filmmakers in selection at Cannes and high profile industry executives.

Doc Day is the perfect opportunity to take a step back and reflect on how the documentary genre is continuously evolving as a marketplace, as an artistic form, and as a tool to raise awareness and drive global change. It is also an unmissable moment for the entire doc community in Cannes, getting together joyfully to maintain and enrich the human connections that help all of us forge ahead tirelessly with our projects!

To all documentary film professionals and documentary filmmakers out there, do consider adding Cannes Docs to your agenda and joining us at the Croisette’s one-stop venue for all things documentary at the Marché du Film – Festival de Cannes! This year’s key dates run from Thursday 18 (Opening Cocktail) to Tuesday 23 May (Doc Day).