🔎 Docs-in-Progress Award Winners Announced by Cannes Docs during Doc Day 2023

The winners of the Docs-in-Progress Awards have been announced. Thanks to partnering organizations, these awards recognize the most promising documentaries in late stages of production and are a significantly regarded accolade in the documentary filmmaking industry.

Every year, Cannes Docs partners with institutions from around the world to exhibit their carefully selected docs-in-progress in the final stages of production, aimed to hit the circuit within a few weeks or months. Each of the 8 showcases featured four projects, presented in the form of a live pitch and a 10-minute excerpt of the rough cut, designed to catch the attention of documentary decision-makers, festival programmers, and sales agents.

This year’s winners were selected by prominent doc players Karim Aitouna, Fernanda Lomba, and Angeliki Vergou, who presented the awards during a ceremony that capped off the afternoon activities of the Marché du Film’s annual Doc Day — the day-long celebration that brings the documentary community together in Cannes for a series of panels, talks and masterclasses.

Cannes Docs and the partnering organizations would like to congratulate the following winners:

Docs in Orbit Invitation Award

This award includes an invitation to be featured on the Docs in Orbit podcast, including an interview with the filmmaker to be launched for the film’s world premiere, and year-round exposure on the Docs in Orbit website and social media.

Winner: The Soldier’s Lagoon by Pablo ALVAREZ MESA (Canada, Colombia) – Canada Showcase

DAE Award

This award provides free one-year memberships for the team, with all associated benefits, and a rough cut consultation with one of DAE’s senior advisors.

Winner: A Distant Call by Andrea SUWITO (Indonesia) – Docs by the Sea Showcase

Think-Film Impact Award

This award includes a strategic impact workshop and an impact pitching coaching session, given by the Think-Film Impact Production team.

Winner: Life by Antonio CARO (Chile) – Chile Showcase

Alphapanda Award

This award includes two exclusive consultations on film marketing and social media, given by the Alphapanda team.

Winner: Ever Since I Knew Myself by Maka GOGALADZE (Georgia, Germany) – CIRCLE Showcase

Post-Production Award

This award provides a €5,000 grant in post-production services, thanks to the participation of Hiventy, Technical Partner of the Festival de Cannes.

Winner: Meril (WT) by Victoria VERSEAU (Sweden, France) – Scandinavia Showcase

Al Jazeera Documentary Award

This award provides Al Jazeera Documentary to come in as co-producer, with a minimum contribution of $15,000.

Winner: Once Upon a Time in a Forest (WT) by Virpi SUUTARI (Finland) – Scandinavia Showcase

Docs-in-Progress Award

This award provides a €10,000 cash prize and project follow-up by IEFTA – The International Emerging Film Talent Association.

Winner: Island of the Winds by Ya-Ting HSU (Taiwan, Japan, France) – Docs by the Sea Showcase

Cannes Docs extends its warmest congratulations to the winners and eagerly anticipates the resonance and ultimate outcomes of these highly promising documentaries!

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