Beyond business: zooming in on diversity, inclusion, representation and sustainability in the film industry

In recent years, the global film industry has seen a greater demand for diverse stories and content, so how can the industry answer the call?

impACT aims to spark dialogue about the topics shaping today’s cinema climate and give industry pros the knowledge and tools to make informed decisions and take action to make changes that will influence the sector in years to come.

This transversal initiative will overlap with several of the Marche’s existing programs and add new perspective.

impACT is an extension of the Festival de Cannes’ and Marché du Film’s investment in corporate social responsibility that will dictate how the market and companies operate today and tomorrow.

impACT is designed to reflect on the film industry’s new reality. Each event will be an opportunity for industry professionals to exchange ideas openly and freely, reflect on the current climate, ask questions, engage in constructive debate and focus on the values aligned with a diverse film industry with content that speaks to all audiences.

impACT will examine every stage of the filmmaking process to explore how to incorporate diversity, inclusion, representation and sustainability not only on the screen, but behind the camera in all stages of production.

Running through all the already existing Marché events and programs, impACT will offer inspirational speeches, round tables and master classes. The initiative aims to foster more meaningful storytelling and give the industry the insight and tools to achieve equality at different levels of filmmaking from script to screen.

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