impACT Lab

The Marché du Film is expanding upon its program with a new series of workshops titled impACT Lab.

The impACT Lab is designed to foster international co-production opportunities and guide producers to create more meaningful, sustainable and impactful films.

Each workshop will feature emerging producers from partnering institutions and will take place online ahead of the Marché du Film, then in-person in Cannes. The workshops and networking events offers professionals an opportunity to exchange ideas, reflect on the current industry climate, engage in constructive debate and focus on the values inherent in a diverse film industry with content that speaks to all audiences.

The impACT Lab will cover key production issues including the evolution of funding in the current climate, the transition to sustainable production practices, and inclusion in every stage of production from script to screen and beyond. The program will mainly feature group sessions that will focus on topics such as sustainable market strategies and the definition of impactful content in the film industry and how it is evolving as time goes by.

The impACT Lab was designed specifically to help emerging producers develop essential skills needed for the ideal positioning of their projects in the global marketplace. The sessions will provide insider tips on how to best approach potential partners and create innovative funding opportunities to give these impactful projects greater scope on an international scale.

The goal of the workshops is to help emerging producers master the skills needed to get their impactful projects off the ground and better position co-production projects, all to produce higher quality films and build up a network of sustainable content producers across the globe.


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