Festivals Hub


The Marché du Film’s exclusive program dedicated to film festivals and markets from around the world!

Launched in 2021, the Festivals Hub program offers an exclusive area designed to be a space to create and promote synergies between film festivals of all types from all over the world.

Join us once again in this exciting place to connect with the film festival community, expand your network, promote your activities, and sponsor or take part in conferences and cocktails!

Designed in consultation with programmers and directors from over a dozen film festivals, the Hub will be accessible for free (subject to space availability) to all festival and market teams holding a Marché du Film badge.

👉 Express your interest in participating in one of the Festivals Hub activities or sponsoring an event in the space by contacting us.

Prepare the Next Edition

Whether you are a festival, network, service provider, sales agent, or anyone that works closely with film festivals, get involved in the organization of the 2023 Festivals Hub.

Whether you are looking to promote your activities, mingle with film festival professionals, or take part in conferences, reach out to our team today to express your interest in participating.

Any questions? Contact Us.