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Designed to offer unparalleled insights, our curated selection of forums, summits and thematic days serves as a gateway to the cutting-edge concepts and practices that are currently reshaping the landscape of the film industry.

From the intricacies of documentaries and film financing to the ever-expanding world of streaming services, the Marché du Film offers a diverse spectrum of topics that are crucial to staying ahead in this ever-evolving industry. Join us on a journey where industry leaders, visionaries, and enthusiasts converge to explore, discuss, and propel the film industry into a future defined by innovation and boundless creativity.


Investors Circle is a fresh, high-impact event that assembles elite film and media financing experts for a unique summit, featuring compelling keynotes, insightful panels and exclusive pitch sessions. Immerse yourself in the latest global financing dynamics and market trends!

Streamers Forum presents an eclectic array of exclusive keynotes and conferences dedicated to global streaming services. Gain valuable insights from expert streamers worldwide as they unveil the latest innovative strategies and trends shaping the landscape of the streaming world.

Cannes Next Summit is a tailor-made series of inspiring conferences, keynotes, panel discussions and workshops, featuring top-tier visionaries and innovative creators. Discover and test new solutions, network with executives and entrepreneurs and explore new business opportunities!

impACT is our latest transversal program, designed to spark meaningful dialogue on the pivotal issues that are shaping today’s cinema, such as diversity, inclusion, representation, sustainability and equity. This initiative features inspiring conferences with forward-thinking speakers and exclusive lab workshops tailored for emerging producers eager to make a positive impact in the industry.

The International Film Finance Forum unites top-tier industry executives worldwide to deliberate on the latest trends and market shifts in the world of film finance. Presented by Winston Baker, this forum provides a unique platform to hear from the game-changers actively shaping the state of the industry.

The Global Film Commission Network Summit, presented in partnership with AFCI (Association of Film Commissioners International),  shines a spotlight on pioneering strategies in film production and location selection by featuring a thoughtfully curated panel series, emphasizing the importance of collaboration.

Thematic Days

Animation Day unites the worldwide animation filmmaking community in Cannes for a festive day filled with engaging talks, insightful panel discussions, captivating screenings, and dynamic networking events, all dedicated to the world of animation!

Doc Day is an exclusive day-long celebration of documentary cinema. Immerse yourself in captivating keynotes and masterclasses led by eminent doc filmmakers, followed by a series of engaging events such as the Docs-in-Progress Awards Ceremony, Doc Day Mixer and a special closing screening.