Make the Most of Your Market Screenings

Put your projects in the spotlight in the Marché du Film’s state-of-the art screening venues!

What better place to host a screening than at the heart of the Marché du Film where all international buyers are gathered in one place? Take advantage of our vast array of state-of-the-art screening facilities conveniently located inside the Palais or just nearby, complete with comfortable spaces with maximum seating capacity and fully equipped for DCPs in 2D and 3D, complete with built-in technology for easy parallel online screenings.

Missed an Official Competition screening?

Marché badge holders have exclusive access to the evening CATCH-UP SCREENINGS of the films In Competition (the evening after the Lumière premiere) at the prestigious Cinéma Olympia (5 rue de la Pompe)!
➡️ Check the daily screening programs for screening times.

Starting Wednesday 24 until Friday 26 May, Marché badge holders also have the exclusive opportunity to watch the RERUN SCREENINGS of the films In Competition at the Marché screenings rooms (Palais I / J / K) inside the Palais des Festivals.
➡️ Download the 3-day screening schedule!

Promo Reel Days

Gain more visibility and promote your screenings by presenting your promo reel (trailers, extracts, lineups) on the Marché du Film Online platform! 📽️

Promo Reel Days will start 4 days before the 2023 Marché du Film and, as a new addition this year, will remain available online throughout the market event!