IFFF with Winston Baker

International Film Finance Forum

Charting the future of film finance!

The International Film Finance Forum unites global leaders and acclaimed filmmakers for an annual summit event, diving into the latest trends and market shifts in film finance.

Hosted in partnership with Winston Baker – the leading global producer of entertainment conferences  this much-anticipated forum offers a diverse lineup of panel discussions each year, covering a wide spectrum of industry topics: sales & distribution trends, finance strategies, creative capital, co-productions, short-form content and the evolving landscape of consumer trends…

Renowned as a must-attend event in Cannes, the International Film Finance Forum serves as the go-to platform for market participants to gain a comprehensive perspective on current market changes, learn from visionary leaders driving transformative film strategies, and discover the future trajectory of this rapidly evolving industry.

Winston Baker is proud to return to the Main Stage with the 14th Annual International Film Finance Forum on 17 May.

The International Film Finance Forum is a fantastic platform that allows us to connect an outside event with a global virtual audience, providing people from every corner of the world with the chance to learn, engage, and be inspired by the insights of our industry experts. Ultimately our goal is to facilitate the education and networking of entertainment and media professionals worldwide, by offering them the latest strategies and information to navigate this ever-evolving industry.

— Amy Baker, CEO and Co-Founder

Introducing our 2024 Edition 

Experience the highly anticipated 14th Annual International Film Finance Forum, where esteemed executives and award-winning filmmakers from across the globe will convene to explore emerging trends, innovative finance strategies, international partnerships, sales & distribution dynamics, and essential tools for maintaining a competitive edge in the entertainment industry.

Our curated diverse panel discussions promise invaluable insights into the ever-evolving realm of entertainment finance, as well as new content trends. Additionally, the afternoon session will feature intimate fireside chats with industry VIPs who will graciously share firsthand accounts of their journeys in the industry and their unfiltered advice.

The past year has been one of excitement, challenge, and revolution within the entertainment industry, setting the stage for dynamic discussions and insights at our upcoming forum on 17 May.

Past World Class Speakers and Attendees

Our esteemed lineup includes experts, such as Gurinder Chadha (Writer, Director & Producer), Claudia Bluemhuber (CEO | Silver Reel), Deon Taylor (Writer, Director & Producer), Tamara Birkemore (CEO & Co-Founder | Palisades Park Pictures), Wayne Borg  (Managing Director | NEOM), Karl Spoerri (CEO | Zurich Avenue), Uri Singer (Film Producer, President | Passage Pictures), Marc Spivey (Executive Vice President | Higginbotham), Arianne Fraser (CEO & Founding Partner | Highland Film Group), Al Munteanu (Founder & CEO | Squareone Holding), Josh Harris (Co-Founder | Filmhedge), Sarah Gabriel (Head of Production and Development | Signature Entertainment), Roxanne Avent Taylor (CEO & Producer | Hidden Empire Film Group), Jeff Kalligheri (Co-Founder, Producer | Compelling Pictures), Diana Lodderhose (International Features Editor | Deadline), Jay Cohen (Partner & Head of Film Finance & Distribution | The Gersh Agency), Adrian Politowski (BAFTA Nominated Film Producer, CEO | Align), Jonathan Bross (Managing Partner | Ashland Hill), Brent Emery (Partner | Resonate Entertainment), Akua Gyamfi (Founder | The British Blacklist) & Gareth Ellis-Unwin (Academy & BAFTA Award Winning Producer & CEO | Bedlam Film Productions).