💟 impACT Lab: A New Series of Workshops

Since the successful launch of impACT last year, the Marché du Film is thrilled to announce a new series of workshops under the title, impACT Lab!

In an effort to promote impACT’s core values of diversity, inclusion, representation, sustainability and ethics in all stages of the filmmaking process, impACT Lab aims to foster international co-production opportunities and offer a transformative series of workshops and group sessions catered to emerging producers.

Thanks to this year’s impACT Lab partners, our participants will receive guidance and expertise from some of today’s most forward-thinking leaders! Please welcome…

EWA Network

👉 Tamara Tatishvili, Strategy Manager for EWA Network


👉 Ludovica Chiarini, Project Manager for EcoMuvi

Think-Film Impact Production

👉 Danielle Turkov Wilson, Founder & Executive Director of Think-Film Impact Production

WEMW (When East Meets West)

👉 Alessandro Gropplero, Managing Director of When East Meets West


👉 Ada Solomon, Producer mircoFILM of EAVE

Stay tuned for more impACT news coming your way!

In the meantime, get to know more about our impACT Lab partners and experts!