💟 impACT Lab Presents 2022 Institutional Partners

The Marché du Film and the impACT program is proud to partner with some of the industry’s most reputable institutions for our impACT Lab debut!

We’re delighted to welcome:

  • BFI (British Film Institute)
  • German Films
  • Norwegian Film Institute
  • Telefilm Canada

These partnering institutions will hand-select 9 promising producers they believe have the potential to make great impact in the film industry.

Once in Cannes, these chosen producers will partake in a series of transformative workshops and group sessions led by four reputable experts sent by impACT Lab’s partners : EWA Network, EcoMuvi, Think-Film Impact Production and When East Meets West.

Through impACT Lab, these emerging producers will gain the knowledge and skills needed to get their impactful projects off the ground, as well as invaluable insight into creating more meaningful and diverse content that speaks to all audiences.

Find out which emerging producers will be attending our first-ever impACT Lab in Cannes!