Meet the Presenting Partners! Join us for a series of 8 showcases and 32 projects in total.

Each year, Cannes Docs partners with a number of institutions and organizations from different parts of the world to showcase curated selections of docs-in-progress in the final stages of post-production and aiming to hit the circuit within a few weeks or months.

These showcases of docs-in-progress are primarily designed for decision makers looking for fresh new titles, in particular festival programmers and sales agents. The projects are also generally in search of post-production funding or general gap financing, and sometimes still open to co-production opportunities.

All the showcases are composed of four projects, each presented in the form of a pitch and a 10-minute excerpt of the rough cut.

Discover the 2024 Presenting Partners & Showcases below!


Docs by the Sea Showcase
17 May, 10:00-11:15

Docs by the Sea is an international documentary lab and forum based in Bali, Indonesia that champions independent documentary filmmakers from Asia. Through the program’s talent development and incubation programs, it has supported films that have received international and local awards and recognitions across the globe.

The Five Nordics Showcase
17 May, 11:45-13:00

The Five Nordics is the umbrella organization for the Danish Film Institute, Finnish Film Foundation, Icelandic Film Center, Norwegian Film Institute and Swedish Film Institute. We are excited and proud to present four projects from filmmakers who deliver documentaries on a high professional level with a great diversity of stories. All projects are in the final stages of production and soon ready to hit markets and festivals.

Scotland Showcase
18 May, 10:00-11:15

Screen Scotland and Scottish Documentary Institute (SDI) are thrilled to showcase Scotland as a first-class place for documentary filmmaking and co-production. Screen Scotland is the national body that drives the development of all aspects of Scotland’s film and TV industry, through funding and strategic support. SDI is a documentary centre specialising in training, production, and distribution.

East Doc Platform
18 May, 11:45-13:00

East Doc Platform is the premier industry event for Central and Eastern European documentaries, facilitating networking, pitching forums, and individual meetings among filmmakers, producers, and international industry professionals to foster co-production, funding, and distribution opportunities. The East Doc Platform is organized by the Institute of Documentary Film.

Palestine Showcase
19 May, 10:00-11:15

Amidst the ongoing war on the Palestinian identity and its narrative, the Palestine Film Institute (PFI) emphasizes the importance of supporting Palestinian films and narratives in international forums. In collaboration with Cannes Docs 2024, PFI presents 4 docs in progress as part of the Palestine Showcase. This opportunity allows filmmakers and producers to showcase their work-in-progress feature documentaries about Palestine to decision-makers and festival programmers. providing a platform for directors to engage with the global film community and participate in industry events.

Switzerland Showcase
19 May, 11:45-13:00

SWISS FILMS, the national promotion agency for Swiss filmmaking and Visions du Réel, Switzerland’s only non-fiction film festival and one of the most prestigious internationally, present together for the first time four boundary-pushing non-fiction projects in their finishing stages as part of the 2024 Swiss Showcase.

Chile Showcase
20 May, 10:00-11:15

Chilean documentary industry has received recognition on the global stage at international markets and festivals, demonstrating the strength of Chilean cinematography. Chiledoc promotes Chilean documentary talents and their films and series. Our commitment lies in fostering the sector’s expansion through strategic promotion, creating networks and promoting associative practices. We are a collective force.

CIRCLE Showcase
20 May, 11:45-13:00

CIRCLE Women Doc Accelerator is a unique training initiative designed for women and non-binary writers, directors, and producers from all-over the world. It offers a safe space for consultation, collaboration, sharing ideas and improving skills with the support of senior filmmakers and industry experts. Through three tailor-made modules, participants work with experts in order to advance their projects, develop a better understanding of the industry landscape and prepare for the future.


Opal H. Bennett | Senior Producer (POV) & EP (POV Shorts), American Documentary

Opal H. Bennett is an Emmy-winning Senior Producer at POV and Executive Producer at POV Shorts. Previously, Opal was Shorts Programmer and Director of Artist Development at DOC NYC and Senior Programmer at Athena Film Festival. Prior to that, Opal also worked with Nantucket Film Festival, Aspen ShortsFest, Tribeca and consulted for The Gotham. She is a Programming Consultant for the March on Washington Film Festival. She has also served on the shorts selection committees for Cinema Eye Honors and the IDA. Opal has participated on various selection committees for film programming and grants. A Columbia Law grad, Opal holds a Masters in Media Studies from the LSE, and received her B.A. from New York University.



Rasmus Steen
Head of Documentary, IMS

Rasmus Steen is the Head of Documentary Film at IMS in Copenhagen, Denmark. For nearly two decades, he has been deeply engaged in documentary filmmaking across diverse regions including the Arab world, Eastern Europe, China, and Iran. His extensive experience has given him profound insights into the documentary scene globally. Rasmus holds a remarkable network of filmmakers, film festivals, film labs and media professionals worldwide. Through his multifaceted expertise and expansive connections, he is committed to fostering collaboration and innovation in the documentary industry, contributing significantly to its evolution and growth.



Ana Alice de Morais
Artistic Co-Director, RIDM

Passionate about arthouse cinema in all its forms, Ana Alice de Morais is the co-founder of the Brazilian company 3 Moinhos. She has produced and co-produced various titles across Latin America, which have been showcased at prestigious festivals such as the Berlinale and IFFR. As a producer, she has been involved in numerous international labs and residencies, including the Rotterdam Lab, Berlinale Talents, and the Binger Film Lab. Since 2018, she has resided in Tiohtià:ke/Montreal, Canada, where she holds the position of co-artistic director of RIDM – Montreal International Documentary Festival, as well as its professional market, Forum RIDM.



Docs-in-Progress Award

€10,000 cash prize and project follow-up by IEFTA – The International Emerging Film Talent Association.

Al Jazeera Documentary Award

Al Jazeera Documentary to come in as co-producer, with a minimum contribution of $15,000.

Post-Production Award

€5,000 grant in post-production services, thanks to the participation of Hiventy, Technical Partner of the Festival de Cannes.

Rise And Shine Award

For a project with the best international potential and no sales agent attached yet. The award consists of a €3000 cash prize awarded to the producer of the project.

Alphapanda Award

Two sessions of marketing consultancy with Alphapanda team members and the creation of an artwork for the film.

Think-Film Impact Award

A strategic impact workshop and an impact pitching coaching session, given by the Think-Film Impact Production team.

DAE Award

Free one-year memberships for the team, with all associated benefits, and a rough cut consultation with one of DAE’s senior advisors.