Discover our delegations of doc producers and come listen to their company presentations during our very own Co-Pro Social Club sessions!

For the very first time this year, Cannes Docs will be welcoming three delegations of hand-picked producers from Spain, Greece, and Canada, who will be diving into the vast Marché du Film wave pool (with Cannes Docs as a life jacket)!

These producers all have a keen interest in creative documentaries and are open to developing international co-productions. They’re attending Cannes with the goal of expanding their professional networks, strengthening their company’s position within the global documentary film industry, honing their market navigation skills, and enhancing their global industry expertise.

They will be introducing themselves during our Co-Pro Social Club sessions – undoubtedly THE club to join if you’re seeking potential co-producers for your current projects!

Discover below all the participating producers, seek them out in Cannes, and get acquainted! We hope to foster fruitful, long-term collaborations.

Spanish Producers Delegation

Omar Al Abdul Razzak | Tourmalet Films

Omar Al Abdul Razzak, founder partner of Tourmalet Films, is a Canary Island filmmaker trained in Madrid, Paris and Montreal. He’s been a Berlinale Talents, Biennale College, Torino Film Lab Up&Coming and Rotterdam Lab alumni. He started producing Sorogoyen debut Stockholm and the Goya nominated short film A Whole World Together. He’s produced Killing Crabs, winner of two Silver-Plated Biznagas at Malaga Film Festival; the Colombian documentaries The Inflated Jungle (Visions du Reel) and Black Kisses (Tallinn); the New Directors winner at San Sebastian Last Days of Spring (ACID Cannes); and the Argentine documentary The Legacy (BAFICI, Hot Docs). In the last years he’s focused on animated short films co-produced with France: Confined Spaces (Docaviv, Seminci), La Prima Cosa (Annecy), nominated to Goya Award and The last mouflon (Krakow, Semininci).

Tourmalet Films is a Tenerife Island production company specialized on art-house films by new directors without distinctions between fiction, documentary or animation but focused on cinema close to the reality and to the contemporary issues. We have produced 20 short and feature films selected at international A class festivals such as Venice, San Sebastian or Tallinn; documentary festivals such as Visions du Reel or Jihlava; animation festivals such as Annecy; and Spanish ones such as Seminci or Malaga. We have won one Goya Award and 2 nominations. Among our works stand out the documentary Last Days of Spring, winner of the New Directors award in San Sebastian; the fiction films The Art of Return, selected for the Biennale College Cinema or Rodrigo Sorogoyen first film Stockholm; and the animated documentary La Prima Cosa premiere at Annecy and nominated to a Goya Award.

Carlota Coloma | 15L

Coloma co-founded 15L FILMS in 2013, where she currently works as a producer. Her works include Hafreiat (2022) and Anxious in Beirut (2023), both co-produced with Jumana Saadeh (Jordan), selected at many festivals like Sheffield DocFest, Seminci and Shanghai International Film Festival, winning the Golden Goblet as Best International Documentary. Her short films, Podul de Piatrâ (2021) and Carmen, no fear of freedom (2023), have also earned recognition, like a Special Mention at San Sebastian International Film Festival. Dedicated to supporting unique and innovative projects, she produces creative documentaries through international co-productions, fostering close collaboration with her teams.


15L Films arose from our interest in the different ways to make films with reality as a starting point. We are primarily interested in people, their stories, and their ways of seeing the world. By creating environments where collaboration, risktaking and curiosity are fundamental, we create films that can resonate with an international audience and spark a dialogue. We are based in Barcelona and have co-produced with different countries such as Jordan, The Netherlands and France and participated in festivals such as San Sebastian, Sheffield and Shanghai International Film Festival. Our productions include Podul de Piatrâ (2021) Special Mention at San Sebastian IFF, Hafreiat (2022) Best Documentary Seminci, Carmen, no fear of freedom (2023) Best documentary at Medina del Campo, and Anxious in Beirut (2023) Best International Documentary at Shanghai IFF.


Beli Martínez | Filmika Galaika

Beli Martínez (A Guarda, 1980) has a phd in audio-visual communication. Producer at Filmika Galaika, a Galician production company specialising in authorial cinema that produced the latest works by Lois Patiño and Matías Piñeiro (Sycorax, 2021), Helena Girón and Samuel M. Delgado (They Carry Death, 2021), Eloy Domínguez Serén (The Bodies, 2020), Eloy Enciso (Endless Night, 2019) and Jessica Sarah Rinland (Those that, at a Distance, Resemble Another, 2019). Her works has won festivals as Locarno, Venice, San Sebastián or Mar del Plata. She currently works as an assistant professor in production at University of Vigo and is preparing the next films directed by Carlos Casas, Maureen Fazendeiro and Eloy Enciso.


Founded in 2009, Filmika Galaika is one of Galicia’s leading production companies, and has produced works by Galician auteurs such as Lois Patiño, Eloy Enciso, Helena Girón, and Eloy Domínguez Serén. The company has developed a clear editorial line dedicated to Galician and foreign auteurs who develop films with crossover potential that can succeed on the international festival circuit. Our films have premiered and received awards at the world’s major film festivals, including Venice, San Sebastián and Mar del Plata. Filmika Galaika is today considered as a key reference for film production in Spain thanks to its involvement in several of the most outstanding works of the so-called ‘New Galician Cinema’, such as Endless Night (Eloy Enciso, 2019), Plus Ultra (Helena Girón & Samul Delgado, 2017), Vikingland (Xurxo Chirro, 2011).

Ricard Sales | LaCima Producciones

Ricard Sales is one of the founders of LaCima Producciones and the producer of El Año Del Descubrimiento (The Year of the Discovery) directed by Luis López Carrasco. He has also produced El Cerro de Los Dioses (God’s Hill) directed by Daniel M. Caneiro; and UMMO. La España Alienígena (UMMO. Alien Spain), an original documentary series from Movistar+ directed by Laura Pousa and Javier Olivera. Ricard Sales is currently producing the feature films: Tardes de Soledad (Afternoon of Solitude) by Albert Serra, Elena Dio a Luz Un Hermoso Niño by Chiara Marañón & Joan Soto, Balar la Muerte (Dancing with death) by Luis Parés, La Noche de la Infancia (Till dawn to dawn) by Xisi Sofía Ye Chen, Carapirú by Aner Etxebarría & Pablo Vidal, A la Cara by Javier Marco.


LaCima Producciones
is a film and television production company, specialising in both fiction and documentary feature films. Among it’s coproductions, El año Del Descubrimiento, a documentary directed by Luis López Carrasco, stands out with 28 national and international awards, including the Goya Award for Best Documentary & Best Editing. The production company is currently producing Tardes de Soledad by Albert Serra, Elena Dio a Luz Un Hermoso Niño by Chiara Marañón and Joan Soto, Balar la Muerte by Luis Parés, La Noche de la Infancia by Xisi Sofía Ye Chen, Carapirú by Aner Etxebarría & Pablo Vidal, and A la Cara by Javier Marco.

TiDF AGORA Producers Delegation

Rea Apostolides | Anemon Productions

Rea studied Αncient & Μodern History at the University of Oxford and produces documentaries and cross media projects for Anemon in Athens, with a focus on history, culture and gender. Recent work includes The Perfect Meal (2023, CPH:DOX, for ARTE, RTVE, RTS, Kokka Fund Korea and ERT), When Tomatoes Met Wagner (2019, Berlinale, Greek entry 2020 Academy Awards, Arte, NHK), Citizen Europe (2019, Arte, Screen Ireland, CNC, Bulgarian Film Center, RTE, ERT, RTP), Berlinale Teddy Award winner Obscuro Barroco (2018), and Dolphin Man (2018, ARTE, CNC, WOWOW, Greek Film Centre, Knowledge, TVO, ERT, CYBC, SVT, Yes DBS, TSR). Rea is also the co-founder of CineDoc, a network screening documentaries and films for children in cinemas across Greece since 2009.


Based in Athens, Greece, Anemon produces documentaries for the Greek and international market and focuses in projects that draw attention to the environment, history and gender. Anemon is currently developing its first live action film for children, Nico Finds a Treasure with co-producers in Germany and Holland (Eurimages Co-Development Award, Cinekid 2023), and Bugboy, a documentary for children aged 10+. In parallel, Anemon has steadily invested in building a documentary audience in Greece through CINEDOC, a distribution network that organizes monthly documentary screenings in cinemas and schools across Greece. Films currently in production as a minority producer include Athens, Cradle of Democracy (Yuzu, France) and Minoans: Mother of the Minotaur (Epo Film, Austria).

Dafni Kalafati | Filmiki Productions

Dafni has studied Intercultural Education and Film and holds a Master’s Degree in Art Therapy from the Buenos Aires School of Fine Arts. She has filmed documentaries in all the 5 continents and have worked as a documentary producer in the international market for several years. Her debute documentary Oneironauts (2009) won the Best Experimental Documentary Award at the Toronto HotDocs Festival. Today, she is the head of the documentary department of FILMIKI S.A., where she specializes in the co-development of international projects. Currently she is producing with Serendipity Point Films the film Maya and Samar, a co-production between Greece and Canada and the feauture length documentary Super Paradise, a Greek-German co-production.


FILMIKI was established in 1987 by two well-known Greek filmmakers. For 35 years, it has been one of the most respected companies in the Greek film industry. Filmiki has produced over 2,500 TVCs, 30 feature & short films, documentaries, TV series and numerous music videos. With some of the country’s most talented producers onboard and deep insight into the Greek cinematic landscape, the Athens-based company brings a wide range of content to life. The last years FILMIKI is supporting young Greek filmmakers on their debut films, building on co-productions, gaining presence on international festivals and is actively expanding its network of collaborators in Europe and beyond. One of Filmiki’s goals is to promote Greek cinema worldwide with a special focus on documentaries and co-productions.

Leonidas Liambeys | Long Run Productions

Leonidas has over 16 years of production experience on national and international co-productions, primarily in non-fiction films & TV productions, but also multimedia exhibitions and social media campaigns. As Associate and Line Producer, he worked on co-productions with HBO Europe, NatGeo, Eurimages, CE Media, Greek Film Centre (GFC), Italian Film Centre & more. As a producer he has completed award-winning documentaries for the Greek National Broadcaster (ERT), GFC and EKOME and is currently producing a dramatised doc series for SKAI TV, as well as several feature docs, one of which won top awards at both the TiDF 2021 Pitching & 2024 Docs in Progress and another that he took to the IMPACT Lab at WEMW 2024. He received the 2014 Focal Award for Best Use of Archive Footage in a History Production and above works were selected for CPH:DOX, Visions du Reel, European Film Awards and others.


Founded in 2020, Long Run Productions excels at crafting non-fiction stories, utilizing the strengths of various media. Through social media projects and partnerships with educational and research institutions, it connects audiences with historical and contemporary social issues. Known for its high-quality, award-winning narrative documentaries, Long Run has a proven track record in producing compelling docuseries, animations, and independent documentaries, including the acclaimed Secrets of the OwlVenizelos, the Struggle for Asia Minor and co-producing Elina Psykou’s Stray Bodies. Additionally, they offer bespoke research, archival, and production services to both Greek and international clients. The company is committed to pushing the boundaries of visual storytelling, creating meaningful, impactful, and engaging works that can move, surprise and inform viewers.

Konstantinos Vassilaros | StudioBauhaus

Konstantinos Vassilaros co-founded StudioBauhaus in 2014, producing live action & animation shorts, docs & features. Recent highlights include Holy Emy, dir. Araceli Lemos (2021) – winning Locarno Special Mention and receiving an Independent Spirit John Cassavetes Award nomination (US, 2023). His recent minority co-production of Mihai Mincan’s film To the North (2022), premiered at Venice’s Orizzonti. He studied film production at University for the Creative Arts (UK, 2005), New York Film Academy (USA, 2003), and creative entrepreneurship at Goldsmiths (UK, 2007). He then worked for Slate Films, for the Oscar-winning animation company Breakthru Films, and later co-produced for 2 years on the weekly factual news show World Business (CNBC & BBC World). He also worked as a video producer at the French News Agency (AFP) covering Europe & Africa. He’s a member of the EAVE Network.


Based in Athens, founded in 2014 by producer Konstantinos Vassilaros & filmmaker Orfeas Peretzis, StudioBauhaus has in its filmography fiction & documentary films in collaboration with Nonetheless (USA), KG Productions & Utopie Films (France), Breakthru Films (Poland), and has secured financing from ERT, Greek Film Centre, Eurimages, Creative Europe & CNC. Currently in post-production for the 4th fiction film by Greek-Colombian auteur Spiros Stathoulopoulos (‘PVC-1’, 2007 Directors Fortnight). In terms of documentaries, StudioBauhaus recently produced Iodine: Greece on the Ruins of Missolonghi (2022, dir. O Peretzis), Audience Award at Thessaloniki & nominated at the Hellenic Film Academy. Currently in late financing for Thanassis Vasiliou’s debut doc Lo in co-production with France’s Les films de l’Aube Sauvage, winner of 2 awards at Thessaloniki’s Pitching Forum (2023).

Canadian Producers Delegation

Patricia Bergeron | Productions Leitmotiv

Patricia Bergeron is an expert in new narratives combining cinematic language, interactivity and immersion, from documentaries to fiction. She is president and founder of Leitmotiv, founded in 2013. Leitmotiv has produced six award-winning short films and a first feature film: Noémie dit oui (2022). She is also producing two documentaries by Lamia Chraibi; Circo (2023) and Like a Spiral (2024). Patricia is also a director of immersive works. Hotspot, (12 min), a participatory theater and virtual reality experience (2019). Murmuration (19 min) is her second virtual reality project (6DOF interactive in animation), which begins its festival life in 2024.


Productions Leitmotiv is a Canadian production company founded in 2013 by Patricia Bergeron to accompany bold creative proposals. Like a leitmotif, to constantly remind ourselves that creation is an act of resistance, provocation and significance. Leitmotiv has produced six award-winning short films, a virtual reality project and a first feature film in 2022 : Noémie dit oui. Patricia was the associate producer of the acclaimed feature documentary film Manoir (2017). She is also producing two documentaries by Lamia Chraibi; Circo (2023) and Like a Spiral (2024). Leitmotiv also produces immersive works. Hotspot, a participatory theater and virtual reality experience (2019). Murmuration, a virtual reality project (6DOF interactive in animation), which begins its festival life in 2024.

Farnaz Jurabchian | F&M Productions

An award-winning Iranian-Canadian filmmaker and producer. She received her BFA in Cinema from Concordia University in Montreal. Most of her films revolve around the notion of homeland, the impact of social changes on individuals, and characters that each represent unheard voices of society. Her first feature documentary, Silent House, is an autobiographical film. It is an episodic journey that intersects with broader social issues. The film premiered at IDFA 2022 and was nominated for the Best First Feature award. Also, it was ranked among the top 5 audience favorites at Hot Docs 2023 and won numerous awards worldwide. With her brother, Mohammadreza Jurabchian, she runs an independent film company called F&M Productions.



F&M Productions, founded by Farnaz Jurabchian and Mohammadreza Jurabchian, is an independent film company based between Tehran and Montreal. Specializing in innovative documentaries, the award-winning sibling filmmakers aim to amplify unheard voices and inspire societal change through high-quality films and strong artistic principles.

Alejandro Valbuena | Curare Films

Arawak Artist Alejandro Valbuena started in the film industry as a 1st AD, contributing to films shown at festivals like Berlinale, TIFF, Sundance, Venice, and Cannes. His short format garnered support from the Canada Arts Councils, BravoFACT, & National Film Board, and played @ Oberhausen, London, Clermont-Ferrand, and the Smithsonian Museum. Alejandro’s recent producing credits include Blue Miracle and A Translator, which premiered at Sundance in 2018. He also forged a significant partnership with RT Features & Anonymous Content for his series My Fellow Americans, workshopped at Canneseries 2019. His feature screenplay Seeds made the 10% at the Nicoll Fellowship. His documentary The Wind’s Thirst received support from ReelWorld, ISO, Telefilm Canada, Hot Docs, & Ford Foundation. He won the Breakthru pitch at Hot Docs 2023. He is a Eurodoc, Doc Institute, & EFM ToolBox alumni.

is committed to creating BIPOC stories that explore processes of native deracination, cultural identities, and postcolonial revisionist history that focus on community development through art and storytelling. We are driven by the international market while highlighting traditional knowledge, new practices, and unsung heroes. Our critical view of storytelling centers on bringing the global north closer to the global south by inciting empathy through indigenous cinematic language.