If you want to stay competitive, come and get insights from CresCine!

CresCine is Horizon Europe funded three year project bring together Europe’s leading research and film industry organizations including Cannes Next & the Marche Du Film to boost the competitiveness of the audiovisual industry in Europe, especially in small film markets.

The project researchs, analyzes and publishes premium quality standard business metrics and insights, policy recommendations and tools into financing, exhibition, distribution and streaming, audiences, skills, greening & sustainability, innovation & entrepreneurship and overall competitiveness factors.

At Cannes Next, CresCine will hold a series of invitation only sessions focusing on benchmarking alternative, innovative and private financing strategies for the film industry during overall industry cooling as well as launch its highly anticipated State of European Film 2024 interactive report platform and dossier giving you the best insights how Europe’s film industry is doing and where its heading.

📅 CresCine’s key dates are from 18-20 May 2024.

CresCine 2024 Schedule

  • Cannes Next I Meet the Global Film Financing Innovators and Funds, with CresCine (invitation only)
    18 May,  10:00-11:15 | The Viewpoint, Palais des Festivals, by application.
  • “Meet the team Crescine” mini reception in Cannes 2024
    18 May, 11:15-12:15 the Viewpoint, Palais des Festivals
    Discover the ‘who’s who’ behind CresCine’s insights and meet the project team, consortium members, partners, and the extended community in Cannes! Come and get the scoop on the latest business insights of the European industry, pose an industry question or challenge for CresCine to tackle, or discuss the next exciting collaboration project over drinks.


  • Cannes Next I Discover Future Trends and Power Players of Film and Content Financing, with CresCine
    19 May, 10:00-11:00 Palais Stage, Palais des Festivals


  • Cannes Next | Industry Insights Day: Launch of CresCine State of European Film 2024 and Small Markets Insights Report
    20 May, 11:30-12:30, Main Stage, Palais de Festivals


  • Cannes Next | Near Future Retreat Closed Think Tank in collaboration with CresCine
    20 May, Cannes Next Innovation Studio, Pantiero, by application