Next Tech on the Beach

The exclusive investment and deal-making platform!

Cannes Next is delighted to announce its partnership with Sprockit — The Global Open Innovation Platform matching media and entertainment titans with emerging tech start-ups. Together, they are launching their exclusive investment and deal-making platform, “Next Tech on the Beach.” This innovative, invite-only event is set to redefine the landscape of partnerships, investments, mergers, and acquisitions across the content, technology and corporate sectors.

Access to the event is restricted to invited investors, corporations and startups.

📆 Next Tech on the Beach will be held on 16 May, from 9:00-12:00 (Plage des Palmes).

Reshape the Industry with Next Tech on the Beach

Experience the ultimate convergence of minds and opportunities with Next Tech on the Beach, where the industry’s most influential deal-makers, investors, M&A executives, start-ups, and innovators gather for an exclusive summit. This invitation-only event is meticulously crafted to unveil a curated selection of innovation drivers and investment opportunities, specifically curated to inspire and facilitate groundbreaking partnerships.

The event will feature an exciting program, including the showcase of a selected group of start-up ventures, insightful discussions on the current state of financing and deal-making within the industry, and a specially fine dining experience, designed to foster networking and collaboration among participants.

The inaugural event will shine a spotlight on cutting-edge innovation drivers such as Reality Defender, a cybersecurity firm specializing in the detection of AI-generated fraud and misinformation, Quantic Brains, a venture offering a suite of professional AI tools for fast audiovisual and 3D animation production, and Deeptune, an AI-powered dubbing platform designed to revolutionize content localization by making it faster and more cost-effective.

Next Tech on the Beach is supported by

Sprockit is the Global Open Innovation Platform that connects the world’s leading media, entertainment, and technology companies with top emerging tech startups. Through partnerships, investments, and acquisitions, Sprockit accelerates the introduction of innovative products, services, and revenue models to the market, fostering a vibrant ecosystem of collaboration and growth.