Spot the composer


Have an amazing project still looking for a score? Find perfect harmony with the best composers in the world.

Sound and music professionals, this new event was made for you!

Spot the Composer invites film music composers and their artistic agents to meet via one-to-one online sessions film directors and producers looking for original music for their projects.

Spot the Composer is a new program designed to connect music professionals (film music composers, their agents, music supervisors) with feature film directors and producers.

  • Online speed meetings: after selective registration, 80 international professionals will be chosen (40 composers and / or artistic agents as well as 40 directors and / or producers) for six 20-minute online speed meetings sessions with the aim of matching film projects and talented composers for harmonious collaborations on current or future films. While directors and producers will provide the synopsis and note of intent for the film and music sought, the composers and agents will present a filmography, playlist, and show reel.
  • Keynote: participants are invited to join an online keynote with a renowned composer.

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Olivier ALARY, Rene AUBRY, Christopher BARNETT, Jean-Michel BERNARD, Amine BOUHAFA, Bertrand BURGALAT, Baptiste CHARVET, Robin COUDERT, Mychael DANNA, Eric DEMARSAN, Joe DELIA, Nainita DESAI, Arhynn DESCY, Florencia DI CONCILIO, Klaus DOLDINGER, Jean-Benoit DUNCKEL, Bruno FONTAINE, Evgueni GALPERINE, Sacha GALPERINE, Gregoire HETZEL, Dickon HINCHLIFFE, Alberto IGLESIAS, Ahmad IMRAN, Reno ISAAC, Philippe JAKKO, Garry JUDD, Christophe JULIEN, Sneha KHANWALKAR, Pessi LEVANTO, Didier LOCKWOOD, Cliff MARTINEZ, Nathaniel MECHALY, Ennio MORRICONE, Sebastien PAN, Laurent PEREZ DEL MAR, John POWELL, Zbigniew PREISNER, Felix RAFFEL, Alexis RAULT, Jerome REBOTIER, Enis ROTTHOFF, Eric SERRA, Beatrice THIRIET, Maciej ZIELINSKI