Spot the Composer


Find perfect harmony with the best composers in the world!

Spot the Composer is the Marché du Film’s unique program designed to connect professional film composers with feature film directors and producers in Cannes.

Launched in 2020 with the support of SACEM, this program brings together 10 international composers every year for personalized one-to-one meetings to match them with film projects in various stages of development or production and create harmonious collaborations.

📆 The key dates for Spot the Composer are Friday 17 to Monday 20 May.

Sound and music professionals, this event is made for you!

Spot the Composer bridges the gap between film music composers and directors or producers looking for original music for their projects. It provides a valuable platform for composers to showcase their talent, collaborate, and ultimately contribute to the creation of melodious soundtrack for films.

During last year’s 2023 edition, composers were given the opportunity to present their portfolios and engage in engaging discussions with filmmakers actively seeking music for their projects. This orchestrated a dynamic and collaborative environment where new ideas and partnerships flourished to compose new creative possibilities.


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