Animate your day in Cannes!

Animation Day is a celebration of the art and creativity of animation, providing a unique platform for animation film professionals and enthusiasts to gather, meet and connect!

As the popularity of animation soars, with more and more films gracing our cinema screens and streaming platforms daily, new territories and markets are beginning to appreciate the expressive versatility and rich storytelling potential of this rapidly evolving genre.

To highlight the universal appeal and growing influence of animation, Annecy International Animation Film Festival — the world’s top reference for animation films — partnered with the Marché du Film in 2019 to create a curated program and one-day event in Cannes, soley dedicated to the ingenious artistry of animation.

The main highlight of the program is the much-anticipated Annecy Animation Showcase, which spotlights the festival’s top five animated works-in-progress in various stages of post-production, aiming to attract sales agents, distributors or festival recognition. The program also entails insightful talks, panel discussions, and networking opportunities tailored to the interests and needs of the animation community.

📆 Animation Day will be held on Sunday, 19 May 2024.


Animation Works-in-Progress | Annecy Film Festival

With more than 60 years of existence, “Annecy” has established itself over the years as the world’s largest event dedicated to animation The Festival and the International Animation Film Market bring together the biggest names in the sector and celebrate the creativity and diversity of styles and techniques.

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