The Annecy Animation Showcase, co-organized by the Marché du Film & Annecy Film Festival, is a curated selection of today’s most promising animated works-in-progress. The creative teams behind each project are invited to attend Cannes to pitch their ideas and present their concepts in front of potential sales agents, distributors and festival programmers. 

📆 The Annecy Animation Showcase will be held on Sunday 19 May 2024 | 10:00-11:30 (Palais K, Palais des Festivals) 

Find more 2023 project details below! 👇


Animation Day


Directed by: Upamanyu Bhattacharyya

Produced by: Otter Studios Odd, Even Pictures

Country of production: India

Original title: Heirloom

Language: Hindi, English

Runtime: 90'

Completed in: 2025

“Heirloom” is a period fantasy family story set in Ahmedabad. Kirti spends a fortune to build a collection for a handloom museum. His wife, Sonal, thinks they should instead enter the powerloom business to secure their family’s future.

Animation Day

Silex and the City

Directed by: Jul and Jean-Paul Guigue

Produced by: Je suis bien content, Left Field Ventures

Country of production: France, Belgium

Original title: Silex and the City

Language: French

Runtime: 90'

Completed in: 2024

In a prehistory for operettas that is seemingly doomed never to evolve, a conflicted father and daughter disrupt the Stone Age routine. After a tragic-comedy round-trip to the future, they accidentally bring back an Ikea “bent key”, which will at last trigger Evolution, for better or for worse… Writing, religion, politics… who will be capable of putting an end to these disasters?

Animation Day

Rock Bottom

Directed by: Maria Trenor

Produced by: Alba Sotorra SL, co-productions companies : GS Animation, Jaibo Films, Empatic

Country of production: Spain, Poland

Original title: Rock Bottom

Language: English, original language : Catalan

Runtime: 80'

Completed in: 2024

Through the music of Robert Wyatt, the animated musical “Rock Bottom” plunges into the passionate love story of Bob and Alif, two young artists immersed in the creative whirlwind of early 70’s hippie culture.

Animation Day

Hina is beautiful

Directed by: Kenji Iwaisawa

Produced by: Rock'n'Roll Mountain, Yuya Machida (ABC Animation)

Country of production: Japan

Original title: Hina is beautiful

Language: Japanese

Runtime: NSP

Completed in: 2026

Set in Izu, Japan. Men are fighting over a woman called Hina. What is it exactly that makes Hina mislead men? As the men try to reveal their true feelings for Hina, strong, muscly men also get involved and the sound of the festival drum signals the start of a confrontation.

Animation Day

O Filho da Puta

Directed by: Otto Guerra, Tania Anaya, Erica Maradona, Savio Leite

Produced by: Otto Desenhos Animados, Anaya Produções

Country of production: Brazil

Original title: The Son of a Bitch

Language: Portuguese

Runtime: 85'

Completed in: 2024

Deep in the far reaches of Minas Gerais is the Casa Rosa, a famous local brothel run by Ismael’s mother, locally known as “The Son of a Bitch”. Fed up with his life, he flees to the big city, with his dog in tow. Along the way, he is confronted with situations that force him back to the reality he is trying to escape.