Le Annecy Animation Showcase, coorganisé par le Marché du Film et le Festival du Film d’Annecy, propose une sélection d’œuvres animées en cours de réalisation soigneusement choisie parmi les oeuvres les plus prometteuses. Les équipes créatives de chaque projet sont invitées à Cannes pour présenter leurs idées et concepts devant des agents de vente potentiels, des distributeurs et des programmateurs de festivals.

📆 Le showcase Annecy Animation se tiendra le dimanche 19 mai 2024 | 10:00-11:30 (Palais K, Palais des Festivals) 

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Animation Day

The Conference of the Birds

Directed by: Atiq Rahimi & Caroline Piochon

Produced by: Diabolo films, Mondex & Cie, Bidibul Productions

Country of production: France, Luxembourg

Original title: La Conférence des Oiseaux

Language: French

Runtime: 80

Completed in: 2026

For as long as anyone can remember, birds have lived in harmony in the paradise forest. But when a man-made disaster destroys their home, Hod-Hod, an adventurous young hoopoe, embarks with her friends on a quest to find the legendary king of the birds: Simorgh. The only one who can help them. A long and perilous journey through the Seven Valleys of Wisdom awaits our birds.

Animation Day

In Waves

Directed by: Phuong Mai Nguyen

Produced by: Silex Films, Panique!

Country of production: France, Belgium

Original title: In Waves

Language: French

Runtime: 90'

Completed in: 2025/2026

AJ, a shy teenager, meets Kristen while in high school in Los Angeles. Kristen is passionate about surfing, and she’s the most beautiful person he’s ever met. They fall madly in love. As life seems to finally come together for AJ, Kristen’s life starts falling apart, shattered by illness. Together, they will fight adversity with dignity and enjoy their now-shared passion for surfing and for the ocean, but also their loyal band of friends. This is what happens when love and friendship become a wave stronger than anything.

Animation Day

The Language of Birds

Directed by: Cynthia Fernandez Trejo

Produced by: David Flores Mendieta, Cine Bandada

Country of production: Mexico

Original title: El lenguaje de los pájaros

Language: Spanish

Runtime: 80'

Completed in: 2026

Natalia, a bird-loving girl, moves to a new town with a deep mystery: the children have disappeared, and the adults have forgotten about them. To save herself from also being forgotten, she will have to uncover this town’s dark secrets.

Animation Day

A New Dawn

Directed by: Yoshitoshi Shinomiya

Produced by: Asmik Ace, Inc, Miyu production

Country of production: France, Japan

Original title: A New Dawn

Language: Japanese

Runtime: 75'

Completed in: 2025

The Obinata Fireworks Shop factory is getting prepared for an administrative action for confiscation tomorrow. It has been six years since Keitaro has been holed up in a closed-down factory creating fireworks by himself, chasing after an illusion of his father who vanished. It is a story about three young people who overcome the extreme weather conditions, disasters and environmental problems imposed on them and establish their own identities.

Animation Day


Directed by: Estefanía Piñeres

Produced by: Letrario, Abano Producions

Country of production: Colombie, Espagne

Original title: Mu-Ki-Ra

Language: Spanish

Runtime: 86'

Completed in: 2025

In a land haunted by monsters made of vegetation, Cleo, a thirteen-year-old girl, will face her worst nightmare when Martín, her little brother, is devoured by one. With the help of Iolo, a magical old lady, she will go to the jungle to fetch Mukira, the monster who took Martín, in order to perform a ritual to bring her brother back. She will soon learn that monsters hide a secret under their foliage and love will flourish even in the most unexpected places.