Shoot the Book!


Bridging literature and cinema, one adaptation at a time!

Shoot the Book! is an initiative designed to turn top literary works into films — all through a lively two-day event in Cannes!

Initiated by SCELF (Civil Society of French-Language Publishers) and the Marché du Film — Shoot the Book! presents each year a curated selection of books ripe for screen adaptation.

The program invites publishers to attend the event in Cannes, providing a platform for them to connect with international producers who are keen on adapting the latest and hottest IPs in literature.

For film producers, Shoot the Book! offers a unique opportunity to discover fresh literary film projects and spark new collaborations through its main events: Pitching SessionRendez-Vous (one-to-one meetings) and an annual Masterclass to identify the latest practices, trends and major players in the audiovisual rights markets.

📆 The key dates for Shoot the Book! 2024 are 16 May (Masterclass, Pitching Session) and 17 May (Rendez-Vous).

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This year’s Pitches selection will shine the spotlight on 10 captivating French & European books meticulously handpicked by a jury in collaboration with Le Film Français, each ripe for screen adaptation.

But that’s not all! In an exciting expansion, we’re adding 8 titles from diverse corners of the globe. Among them are 4 captivating works from Taiwan, in partnership with TAICCA (Taiwan Creative Content Agency), and 4 compelling narratives from Switzerland, our Country of Honour, in collaboration with ProHelvetia. 

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📍 Masterclass — 16 May 2024 | 9:30-13:30

Presentations by professionals in the production, financing and promotion of film & TV adaptation projects to identify the latest practices, trends and major players in these audiovisual rights markets.

Les Cinémas du Monde Pavilion – Institut français
Open to all Festival & Market badge holders


📍 Pitches — 16 May 2024 | 15:00-18:00

Publishers will present and pitch 18 books — selected for their strong potential for screen adaptation — in front of an audience of film & TV producers seeking future projects.

Press Conference Room, Palais des Festivals

📍 Rendez-Vous — 17 May 2024 | 10:30-18:30

Publishers and producers convene for one-to-one meetings to discuss potential projects and adapting literary works for film, television, and other digital formats.

Meeting Area (Level –1), Marché du Film 


About SCELF – Civil Society of French-Language Publishers

SCELF (Civil Society of French-Language Publishers) is a collecting society established in 1960. It represents French book publishers and manages the collection of adaptation rights from other French collecting societies for its members.

In recent years, SCELF has been organizing events and partnerships to promote film and TV adaptations, and to enhance the publisher’s role in managing authors’ rights. Shoot the Book! is the first international event organized by SCELF.


Shoot the Book! is organized by the SCELF (Société Civile des Editeurs de Langue Française) and the Marché du Film: 



With the support of
Centre National du LivreFilm Paris RegionCentre Français d’exploitation du droit de Copie, SOFIA, Pro Helvetia, BIEF, TAICCA and Frankfurter Buchmesse: