📚 The Marché du Film & SCELF Announce The 11th Edition of Shoot the Book!

The 2024 edition to spotlight 10 French & international literary works for film adaptation with a special selection dedicated to Switzerland & Taiwan.

SCELF (Civil Society of French-Language Publishers) and the Marché du Film are pleased to announce the 11th edition of Shoot the Book!, set to take place at the Palais des Festivals in Cannes from 16 to 17 May 2024.

For over a decade, the Shoot the Book! program has been a pivotal meeting point in Cannes for publishers and producers seeking potential film projects. The success of these gatherings in fostering film adaptations is undeniable, and the program has since established itself as a key source for literary intellectual properties (IP) for the international film community. A recent study by SCELF revealed that a remarkable 30% of the books selected as part of the Marché du Film since 2013 have signed option agreements with producers.

The 2024 edition is set to push the boundaries further as SCELF and the Marché du Film continue to strengthen the program and broaden the scope of editorial offerings to film industry professionals. More than 200 French and international publishing brands will be represented by literary publishers throughout the course of Shoot the Book!’s traditional programming, which includes the much-attended pitching session (“Pitches”, 16 May) and its series of B2B meetings (“Rendez-Vous”, 17 May).

For the first time, the Country of Honour of the Marché du Film will occupy a central place in the program. This year, the honour will be given to Switzerland, which will be celebrated through the literary catalogs of its local publishers, in collaboration with Pro Helvetia, Swiss Foundation for Culture.

A special focus on “Books from Taiwan” will also be introduced this year to spotlight the vibrancy and modernity of Taiwanese publishing, thanks to a new partnership with TAICCA (Taiwan Creative Content Agency). TAICCA will contribute further insights and an overview of the Taiwanese industry from an adaptation perspective as part of Shoot the Book!’s masterclass on Asian audiovisual markets, organized by the Institut Français.

The highly-anticipated Shoot the Book! 2024 selection will be unveiled on 12 April at the Paris Book Festival, providing an opportunity to discover the 10 literary works selected by a jury constituted in partnership with Le Film Français, as well as the 8 additional spotlighted projects from Switzerland and Taiwan.

Registration to attend Shoot the Book!’s events in Cannes will open on 15 April.