CONNECT — The Entertainment Tech Hub

Where innovation meets entertainment and empowers professionals for the future!

CONNECT — The Entertainment Tech Hub is an innovation space that brings together 12 tech startups, carefully selected from among the most influential and renowned in the entertainment industry. This initiative aim is to empower industry professionals with innovative solutions that streamline operations, enhance strategic decision-making, and promote growth within the entertainment sector, benefiting all professionals from artists to studios.

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Initiated and run by Backup Media in partnership with leading tech companies and the Marché du Film, CONNECT is designed to highlight filmmaker-supporting innovation. As of today, Tech companies having joined the initiative include: beHive, Blue Efficience, FilmChain, Flying Secoya, Grüvi, Lipitt, Backup Media’s MovieChainer, N2F, PentoPix – several others are expected to join. Featured innovators bring unique tech-fueled services, addressing subjects as crucial and diverse as market analysis, contract & rights management, digital collection management, purchase and production management, text-to-video and text-to-voice generation, sustainability and carbon measurement, post-production, subtitling, archiving and delivery, distribution, marketing, revenue and royalty management, and financial planning – using cutting edge technologies, including blockchain and AI.

CONNECT is dedicated to fostering a culture of innovation in filmmaking, promoting sustainable and socially responsible practices. A key event, “The Tech Afternoon,” will showcase the latest features and innovations from participating companies. “Her Tech Story” is another key event hosted by CONNECT, highlighting women’s crucial contributions to technology within the entertainment industry. Set for May 20th, the event will gather top female executives to debate and emphasise the absolute need to include women’s perspectives in tech so new technologies become a progressive force rather than perpetuate the flaws of our industry.

As part of its debut at Cannes, CONNECT will host an opening cocktail event on 16 May, bringing together leaders from the worlds of technology and film for an afternoon of networking, and celebration. Attendees can expect to experience firsthand the transformative potential of CONNECT’s cutting-edge solutions, which are already revolutionising the entertainment landscape. The event promises to be a highlight of this year’s festival, showcasing the ongoing synergy between technology and creativity.