Written in Bones

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Written in Bones

Original title: Escrito em Ossos

Directed by: Tainá Muhringer Tokitaka

Produced by: Angelo Ravazi (Massa Real Filmes, Brazil)

Country of production: Brazil

Runtime: 90'

Expected release: April, 2024

Production stage: In production

Budget: €110.000 (22% in place)

1st feature: Yes

Looking for: Gap financing, co-producers, strategic guidance, festivals


One thousand five hundred bodies were buried at an illegal mass grave created by Brazil’s military dictatorship in the 70’s. Decades later, a group of forensic anthropologists try to uncover their identities, but a radical political change threatens their work. During the last five years, we’ve been following the path of these bones. Hidden at a laboratory, they await to tell the story of a Country.

Director’s profile:

Tainá Muhringer Tokitaka is a Brazilian filmmaker. She works as a screenwriter, making films regarding violence, crimes and human rights. She co-wrote the feature film “Three Tidy Tigers Tied a Tie Tighter” which won the Teddy Award at Berlinale 2022. In the same year, the TV series that she worked as a screenwriter, “Evandro’s Case: a Devilish Plot” was nominated for the International Emmy Awards and received a prize from brazilian’s screenwriter association (ABRA) for best screenplay. She also wrote documentaries, such as “God Has AIDS”, that premiered at IDFA and won best film at Queer Porto, and TV series for streaming channels. She graduated both in Film Studies and language and literature. She’s currently writing her Masters Degree, where she studies the use of documents produced by the Brazilian dictatorship in recent films. Written in Bones is her first film as a director.

Producer’s profile:

Angelo Ravazi has worked since 2008 as an executive producer. He graduated in Film Studies and in History. He created his production company, “Massa Real”, based in Sao Paulo, to foment the work of new filmmakers and to produce films that have a social impact. He has produced feature films and documentaries that were exhibited at international festivals. Amongst them, films like “The Arrow and the Uniform”, about indigenous populations and the military dictatorship in Brazil, “The Revolution of the Year”, about the Arab Spring, and “Us” about people who were killed by the state.