Virtual Virtual Reality 2

Cannes XR

Virtual Virtual Reality 2

Genre: Action/Adventure

Produced by: J Noland, Yuxin Gao, Tender Claws

Directed by: Samantha Gorman, Danny Cannizarro

Original title: Virtual Virtual Reality 2

Lead artist: Samantha Gorman

Runtime: 10 hours

Language: English

Completed in: 2022


Virtual Virtual Reality 2 (VVR2) is a 10 hour comedy, satire game. The latest project from Tender Claws and a highly-anticipated sequel to their 2017 VR game Virtual Virtual Reality (VVR). In this darkly funny action-adventure game, pilot your mech body through the chaos of a dying metaverse, rescuing abandoned avatars along the way. Each new avatar-roommate brings unique tools to aid your escape back to meatspace!

Director’s statement:

VVR2 satirically explores the stakes of a privatized metaverse. Who is responsible for sustaining our digital “public commons”? You have left your body behind to upload into the peaceful retirement community of Scottsdale. Suddenly! Scottsdale’s VC funding is pulled and the servers begin to shut down one by one. Without the ability to log off, players have no choice but to outrun the digital destruction – ultimately escaping the metaverse and finding a new home in meatspace.

Origin: US

Devices: Oculus Quest 2

Platform: VeeR