Cannes XR

VeeR Future Award


Genre: Animation, Family, Storytelling

Format: 360 Stereo Video

Produced by: Van Phan

Team: Van Phan (Director, Writer, and Producer), Amy Seidenwurm (Executive Producer), Averie Timm (Producer), Alex Holmes (Producer), Huan Huynh (Producer), Paula Cuneo (Impact Producer), Lauren Burmaster (Impact Producer) Will Poulter (Narrator), Prashanth Srinivas (Composer), James Powell (Spatial Sound Designer), Van Phan (Art Director, DP, Animator, Pipeline), Duy Phan (Visual Designer), Ahmed Shehata (Character Rigging), Michael Armando (Graphic Artist), Lan Phan (Press), Flight School (Post Production), Mai Doan (Dedicated too)

Upstander” is a 360 animated experience about bullying, and how we can make a difference if we step in. It was created in partnership with the Oculus VR for Good Program and the UK youth charity The Diana Award. The experience uses scale, embodiment, and space to push the boundaries of the medium. Upstander uses backpacks to represent children in a school environment to immerse the audience in the story that defies reality and challenges the participant to think and aspire them take action. How can we be part of the solution and not be part of the problem? Upstander is more relevant now than ever given the recent rise in racial issues against Asians and Blacks. To help maximize the impact and be part of the change, the Filmmaker will donate any proceeds from the distribution of Upstander to social impact charity. Be part of the solution.

Play area: Standing

Number of players: Online Co-op

Built with: Unreal