Under the Pillow – Episode 1: Kitten Mormitten

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Available from 6 to 17 July:
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Under the Pillow – Episode 1: Kitten Mormitten

Format: 6 DoF

Directed by: Georgy Molodtsov

Produced by: Pavel Firsov | Executive Producers: Georgy Molodtsov, Mitya Sorkin

Original title: Под подушкой. Эпизод 1: Котик Мормотик (Pod podushkoi. Episod 1: Kotik Mormotik)

Main cast: Alexander Bassett, Phoebe Bassett, Leo Bassett

Company: Production: Mormotik Studio (Russia), Feeling Digital (Belarus), Film XR (Estonia) | Distribution: Film XR (Estonia), Russian VR Seasons (Russia & CIS)

Country: Russia, Belarus, Estonia

Kids’ world is usually somewhat of a mystery to their parents. Especially when two siblings have to share the same room and bother each other all the time. Mormitten the toy kitten, once created by my father for my sister and me helps kids learn to solve problems and avoid squabbles with their siblings and how to overcome difficult situations in your life when you think you have no one who could help you except of your toy-friend.
Dedicated to my father, who made kitten Mormitten real for me and my sister when we needed it the most.

Oculus Quest 2 / PC VR compatible

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Script: Sergey Molodtsov, Anna Northrup, Georgy Molodtsov
Score: Yury Negrebetsky, Sergey Malashonok