Cannes XR Development Showcase –
in association with Kaleidoscope


Genre: Educational, Social issues

Format: 6 DoF

Produced by: Le Bureau des Curiosités, Small Creative

Language: French, English

Team: Sonia Delhaye (Director), Charles Ayats (Interactive Designer), Voyelle Acker (Producer), Teddy Aymard (Producer), Vincent Guttmann (Studio manager)

Runtime: 15 minutes

Budget in place: $200,000

Projected budget: $500,000

Country: FR, LUX (in progress)

The Trick – Imagine buying sex. Then, be immersed in the traumatic memories of the person you just bought, and even be her. This installation using virtual reality technologies sheds a critical light on the sex trade and questions what paying for sex entails. Intented for adults and teenagers, this piece meant to raise awareness about prostituted people’s living circumstances and the realities of sex trafficking (there is no pornography in this experience).


Play area: Room scale and 6DoF, Standing, Seated, Single User

Number of players: Single-player

Built with: Unreal

Compatibility: Oculus Quest

Distribution: Vr Cinemas, Festivals, Installations, LBE, At-home, Events, Educational Institutions, Cultural Centers