The Translators

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The Translators

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Directed by: Régis ROINSARD

Produced by: Alain ATTAL

Original title: Les Traducteurs

Completed in: 2019


Nine translators, hired to translate the eagerly awaited final book of a bestselling trilogy, are confined in a luxurious bunker. When the first ten pages of the top-secret manuscript appear online, the dream job becomes a nightmare – the thief is one of them and the publisher is ready to do whatever it takes to unmask him… or her.

Director’s biography:

Régis Roinsard is a French director born in 1972 in Louviers. After studying at the Ecole Supérieure d’Etudes Cinematographics (ESEC), Régis began directing with his short films Les Petits-Salés (1995), Madame Dron (1997), SimOn (2001) and Belle, finally possible ( 2005). He also directs several music videos (Mareva Galanter, Jean-Louis Murat, Jane Birkin and Anaïs). In 2012 Régis directed his first feature film, Populaire, with Déborah François and Romain Duris. Hailed by critics, this film also earned him a nomination for the 2013 César in the best first film category. Then it will be The Translators in 2019 and Waiting for Bojangles in 2021.

Producer’s biography;

Alain Attal has always been very active within the industry to defend independent production and encourage the development of rich, quality French cinema since 1998, through his company Trésor Films and Les Productions du Trésor. With more than 40 films produced to date, accumulating nearly 40 millions admissions and winners of prestigious international awards and festivals, Trésor Films continues to defend a certain vision of cinema: independent, high end, and popular.

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