The Stationary Traveller

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The Stationary Traveller

Original title: Viajero Inmóvil

Directed by: Fernando Lavanderos, Sebastián Pereira

Produced by: Francisco Hervé (Juntos Films, Chile)

Country of production: Chile

Runtime: 70'

Expected release: November, 2024

Production stage: Post-production

Budget: $160 159 (100% in place)

1st feature: No

Looking for: Festivals and Sales agents / Distributors


Two filmmakers propose to Cristián Sánchez (70), a cult Chilean filmmaker, to make a film. The condition is that he resurrect the characters of his classic works, but in the form of zombies. He fights to protect his artistic principles, but the process forces him to rediscover himself, transformed into an actor and questioned by his characters, who also begin to form part of his ordinary life.

Director’s profile:

Fernando L. has made fiction and documentary films. His debut film “Y las vacas vuelan”(2003), is considered one of the films that initiated the so-called Very New Chilean Cinema. In documentaries he directed with Gonzalo Vergara “Este año no hay cosecha”(2000), a film that became a cult after the social unrest, and with Sebastián Lelio, he co-directed the documentary series “Mi Mundo Privado”, semi-finalist of the EMI awards. With the feature films “Las Cosas como Son”(2012) and “Sin Norte”(2015), he won many awards at international film festivals, including Best Film at the Forum of Independents section of the Karlovy Vary Festival and Best Latin American Film at the Mar del Plata Film Festival.

Co-Director’s profile:

Sebastián Pereira’s first project “Los Iluminados” was premiered in the official selection of FICValdivia (2015) and won Best National Feature Film at the Cine//B_8 Festival (2016). In 2021 he co-founded his production company Lawarrior Films with which he made his first film as producer, “Voy y Vuelvo”, directed by Cristián Sánchez and premiered at the “Chilean Gala” at FICValdivia(2023) and selected at BAFICI(2024). He’s currently developing his next films where he explores between documentary and fiction genre; “Nada es como antes” (Chile, 2024) selected for WIP FECICH 2023 and VdR Market 2023, “La Gran Ilusión”, (Chile-Cuba 2024) Doc:Lab Award -FIDBA 2023 and selected for WIP MAFIZ 2024, and “El Realismo Después de la Revolución” (Chile – France 2025).

Producer’s profile:

Francisco Hervé is a Chilean producer, screenwriter, and director. He has made documentary films such as “The Other One” (2020), “Beaverland” (2014), and “The Lost City” (2016), awarded at the most important festivals in the world. In fiction, he seeks to smuggle a reflection on reality into films of various genres, such as the suspense of “Immersion” (2021), the comedy of “Nakamura”, the western of “La Hija del Pacífico”, or the adventure of “Vaterland” (in development)