The Starry Sand Beach

Cannes XR

The Starry Sand Beach

Genre: Documentary, Fantasy

Produced by: Lucid Realities

Directed by: Nina Barbier, Hsin-Chien Huang

Original title: La plage de sable étoilé

Lead artist: Nina Barbier, Hsin-Chien Huang

Runtime: 15min

Language: French, English, Chinese

Completed in: 2021


The Starry Sand Beach is a scientific tale in virtual reality that takes us on a journey to discover the star-shaped foraminifera, small organisms of crucial ecological importance threatened by global warming and ocean acidification. The experience is divided into three parts: the legend, the underwater forest, and the exploration of the Earth’s ancient geological memory. All throughout the experience and along with the foraminifera, you witness signs of the many threats to the marine and coral microorganisms, embodied by sea serpent symbolizing the acidification if the oceans. You are invited to travel vertically from the sea to the sky, starting in a small room before moving deep into the sea and finally returning to the stars.

Director’s statement:

Nina Barbier : In this project, I intended to match science and poetry, as the stars combine these two elements: for science, they are a plasmatic celestial corpse shining from their own light, but in a poetic and mythologic way, they tell stories and legends.
Hsin-Chien Huang : The essence of this experience is to understand the starry beach sensibly and rationally. Both the sensible mythical tale and the rational scientific explanation are equally important to create the full experience.

Origin: France

Devices: HTC Vive series/Oculus Rift series/Quest w/link

Platform: Alexandria