The Silent Path

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The Silent Path

Original title: Soebertono Mote

Directed by: Yonri Revolt

Produced by: Rendy Rizal (Yoikatra, Indonesia)

Country of production: Indonesia, Netherlands

Runtime: 78'

Expected release: October, 2021

Production stage: Post-Production

Budget: $29,900 (18% in place)

Looking for: Gap Financing, Buyers, Distributors, Strategic Guidance


Soebertono Mote, also known as Father Bert, came to Papua 50 years ago. During his time in Papua he served in various areas. As a priest he has his own personal views on armed conflict, colonialism and love. His return to the Netherlands, which continued with his passing away, seemed to signal that there were unfinished things in Papua.

Director’s profile:

Yonri Revolt is a writer, journalist, filmmaker, and co¬founder of Yoikatra Community, based in Timika, Papua. In 2014, the community developed the Halaman Papua program which focuses on issues of women in conflict areas. The documentary film he produced with Yoikatra are TIGA MAMA TIGA CINTA (2015), DI BALIK TAMAN EDEN (2015), MAMA FIN (2015), INSIDE SACK (2018). In 2016, his documentary film entitled MAMA AMAMAPARE (2016) won the Best Short Documentary Award at the Indonesian Film Festival and Best Film at the Eagle Awards, Documentary Competition. Since 2015, in collaboration with Yoikatra, Yonri has developed many documentary projects and citizen journalism involving local citizenship, raising crucial issues in Papua, and developing public archiving and presentation programs. Yonri works with forum lenteng, a community based in Jakarta for democratic approach in art and filmmaking

Producer’s profile:

Rendy Rizal is a film producer based in Timika, Papua. He is working with Yoikatra as a lead research programmer and studied film since 2016. Collaborating on various films related to Papuan issues such as INSIDE SACK (2018) and KARLOTA/BUSYBODY (2021).