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Directed by: John Torres

Produced by: John Torres (Los Otros Films, Philippines)

Country of production: Philippines

Runtime: 90'

Expected release: 2022

Budget: $220,000 (12% in place)

Looking for: Co-producers, financing partners, sales agents


People are used as avatars by criminals through a driving app using phones so users learn not only to drive but also to rob and kill. We follow a police hunt for those who control peoples’ bodies using a phone driving app that simulates riding a motorcycle on actual roads. The Remotes is a film made up of behind-the-scenes footage of films made in the Philippines, repurposed to look like a fictional story.

Director’s profile: 

John is an independent filmmaker, musician and writer. He co-runs Los Otros, a Manila-based space, film lab, and platform committed to the intersections of film and art, with a focus on process over product. He directed and produced five feature films, including Todo Todo Teros (Dragons & Tigers Award, Vancouver IFF 2006; NETPAC/FICRESCI awards, Singapore IFF 2006), Years When I was a Child Outside (Berlinale Forum Expanded 2008), and Lukas The Strange (Art of the Real, Film at Lincoln Center, 2013). He has made more than a dozen short films, including, We Still Have to Close Our Eyes (Wavelengths, Toronto IFF 2019). He produced Shireen Seno’s Nervous Translation (NETPAC award, Tiger Competition, Rotterdam 2018), a project that was developed through Venice’s Biennale College Cinema, Bangkok Produire au Sud, IFP, and Cinemart. A special focus of his works was shown in Viennale in 2013.