The Black Hole

Co-production Day

The Black Hole

Original title: The Black Hole

Directed by: Moonika Siimets

Produced by: Riina Sildos (Amrion Production)

Genre: Comedy, Drama

Country of production: Estonia

Runtime: 98 min

Projected budget: 1 055 000 €

Budget in place: 60%

Expected release: Spring 2023

Looking for: Co-producers, sales agent

A black hole appears mysteriously in a lilac bush of a tower block district. A sinister-looking comet shines in the sky, and certain events start to unfold, calling the inhabitants’ dreams of a better life into question. Especially when facing aliens, a giant spider and an Austrian in breeches.
Three comically absurd tales interweave in “Black Hole”, making a point about the essence of modern life when people are in moral decline and have lost the ability to connect with each other.

Written by: Moonika Siimets


Amrion – Estonia | AMRION was established in 2003 by Riina Sildos to produce high quality feature films and documentaries for local and international cinema and TV. Amrion’s titles include 6 documentaries and 17 feature films, TV-series, among them internationally acclaimed co-productions: „The Class “ (2007), „The Poll Diaries“ (2010), „Une Estonienne a Paris” (2012), „The Pretenders“ (2016), „Mihkel“, „The Little Comrade“ (2018). In 2021 2 feature film international premieres are scheduled.