That weekend

Goes to Cannes

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That weekend

Category: SANFIC Industria Goes to Cannes

Directed by: Mara Pescio

Produced by: Georgina Baisch & Santiago Carabante & Cecilia Salim & Paula Zyngierman & Tathiani Sacilotto (Maravillacine, Murillo Cine, Persona Non grata Pictures)

Country of production: Argentina, Brazil

Original title: Ese fin de semana

Genre: Feature film

Language: Spanish

Runtime: 67 min

Completed in: 2021

Julia returns to Misiones to sign a document that allows her daughter to leave the country with her father, but she must also recover something that belongs to her and that is being claimed. The reuniting with his daughter and with the neighborhood that she left years ago will not be the one she expected.