Strange Natives

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Strange Natives

Category: Asian IP Showcase

Genre: Fantasy

Country: Philippines

Original title: Strange Natives

Language: English with Filipino words

Completed in: 2016, 2024


Sent to his strict grandmother Maria for summer vacation, rebellious Francis, 11 years old, encounters supernatural monsters in the forgotten town of San Antonio. Discovering his divine bloodline, he trains with gods like WIKA and ALIW. Francis learns forgotten stories through the memory goddess GRASYA and fights alongside immortal warrior BANAL. Together, they protect the town and its guardian spirit, ANITO, against supernatural monsters summoned by the shadow god BAHALA.

Publisher’s biography: KOMIKET INC.

KOMIKET, a non-profit, champions the Filipino comics community by organizing art markets, hosting Comic Book Creator’s Workshops, and running the Secret HQ comic bookstore. It also publishes comics and graphic novels. KOMIKET organizes the Philippine International Comics Festival, selecting and developing ten graphic novel pitches in a Creator’s Lab. The festival includes a comics market, masterclasses, exhibits, and a rights market, fostering creativity and collaboration within the industry.

Paolo Alessandro Herras‘s biography

Paolo Alessandro Herras is a film director, scriptwriter, and comics publisher. He directed four films and wrote four graphic novels, including “Strange Natives.” Paolo is the Festival Director of the Philippine International Comics Festival and President of Komiket, advocating for the Filipino comics community. He also heads Komiket Studios, focusing on comics publishing and animation production. His short film animation, “Tungkung Langit and Alunsina,” received a grant from the Cultural Center of the Philippines.

Type of IP: Graphic Novel Series
Rights Available: All rights available, except publishing rights for Germany, UK, Netherlands.