Songs of Earth

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Songs of Earth

Original title: Fedrelandet

Directed by: Margreth Olin

Produced by: Margreth Olin (Speranza Film AS, Norway)

Country of production: Norway

Runtime: 90', 58'

Expected release: September 2022

Production stage: Last stage of development

Budget: €920,000

Budget in place: 27%

Looking for: Pre-buys, Funding


SONGS OF EARTH is a symphony. An audio-visual composition of the earth’s primordial forces. The sounds of earth are put together to make music. It’s a meditative experience. The camera takes you inside of nature’s smallest components and outside to the great wild panoramas. My father (84) takes us to the valley where he grew up and where generations have been living alongside nature in order to survive.

Director’s profile:

Margreth Olin is a Norwegian award winning director and producer, most known for her documentaries. Her international breakthrough came with the film “My Body” in 2002.
Filmography: Self Portrait (2020), Childhood (2017), Doing Good (2016), Cathedrals of Culture (2013), Nowhere Home (2012), The Angel (2009), Lullaby (2006), Raw Youth (2004), My body (2002), Gluttony (2000), In The House of Angels (1998), My Uncle (1997), In the House of Love (1994).

Producer’s profile:

As both a director and a producer: Self Portrait / Selvportrett (2020) ; Childhood / Barndom (2017) ; Doing Good / Mannen fra Snåsa (2016) ; Nowhere Home / De Andre (2012).
As a producer: Hans + Liv (2021) ; Isolation Row / Fengslet og Forlatt (2018).