Spotlight Asia


Category: Asian IP Showcase

Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Historical

Country: Philippines

Original title: Sepa

Language: Filipino, English, Spanish

Completed in: 2011


Sepa, a lonely manananggal, leads a double life as a herb seller by day and a half-bodied creature at night. She offers Andres Bonifacio, the Katipunan leader against the Spaniards, severed heads of friars as token of her unrequited love. Her reluctance to join the revolution leads to his death at the hands of fellow Filipinos. Sepa transforms and joins the revolution, witnessing the birth of a new Filipino nation.

Publisher’s biography: Philippine Writers Studio Foundation, Inc.

Philippine Writers Studio Foundation, Inc., an organization led by Mr. Ricky Lee, is established to help protect and advance the rights and welfare of writers, and to conduct educational activities for writers’ aesthetic and moral sensibilities.

Ricky Lee‘s biography

Ricky Lee, National Artist for Film & Broadcast Arts, is the Philippines’ most-awarded scriptwriter with 180+ films and 80+ awards. He is known for films like Himala, Anak, and Jose Rizal, among others. Himala won the CNN Award for Best Asia-Pacific Film of All Time. Ricky wrote the scriptwriting manual, Trip to Quiapo, and four best-selling novels. He has been conducting free scriptwriting workshops since 1982.

Type of IP: Chapters from a novel
Rights Available: Author’s Rights