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Original title: Savoia

Directed by: Beatrice Surano, Dunja Lavecchia, Morena Terranova

Produced by: Stefano Cravero (Base Zero, Italy), Enrico Bisi (Base Zero, Italy)

Country of production: Italy

Runtime: 90' - 52'

Expected release: January, 2023

Production stage: Development / Early filming

Budget: €220,000 (10% in place)

1st feature: Yes

Looking for: co-producers, buyers, distributors, strategic guidance


Leti and Matteo are members of the Kiki house of Savoia. Their dream is to perform in the ballroom culture’s Mecca: Paris. As for now, they struggle with their daily life in Torino’s suburbs. Matteo wants to enter the gay porn world. Leti delivers pizzas while thinking about her next psychology exam. Savoia tells the story of an indentity reappropriation in which the performative art becomes political.

Director’s profile:

Dunja Lavecchia was born in Matera in 1987. During her studies in Communication and Media Culture she developed a passion for photography and cinema. Beatrice Surano was born in Turin in 1989. After graduating in Sociology, she started working as a researcher and then began her career as a social documentaries filmmaker. Morena Terranova was born in Turin in 1989. During her student years she has developed a deep interest in gender and sexually related themes. She now works as a documentaries editor and in the post production department. She has worked with Italian directors such as Susanna Nicchiarelli, Gianluca and Massimiliano De Serio and Enrico Masi. Dunjia, Beatrice and Morena are the founders of elvira, an all-women collective specialized in social documentaries and education.

Producer’s profile:

Stefano Cravero and Enrico Bisi first met during their university years in Turin, then they followed different paths. Stefano moved to Rome and graduated at Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia, then he became a well-known editor in Italian movies (nominated for best editing at David di Donatello for NICO, 1988 by Susanna Nicchiarelli). Enrico became a director of documentaries (PINK GANG, NUMERO ZERO) and a cinema professor. After having met again in Turin, they established their own production company Base Zero in 2018. SAVOIA, together with the documentary series NUMERO UNO, is their first project as producers.