Round Trip

Goes to Cannes

14:15 2h


Round Trip

Category: Tallinn Black Nights Goes to Cannes

Directed by: Dorothée Van den Berghe

Produced by: Bert Hamelinck & Dimitri Verbeeck & Helena Vlogaert (Caviar)

Country of production: Belgium

Original title: Aller / Retour

Genre: Feature film

Language: English, Dutch, French

Runtime: 90 min

Completed in: September 2021

Truck driver Erika catches a transmigrant (Idy) hiding in her truck. The confrontation that follows escalates to such an extent that Erika has no choice but to save Idy’s life and take him back on board very reluctantly. Aller / Retour is a warm buddy road movie about the unexpected friendship.