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Category: Cannes Remakes Selection

Directed by: Ignacio Estaregui

Produced by: Estaregui y Sendino & Machín

Original title: Rider

Completed in: 2023


Shot in real time and set in a city centre. Fio, a young woman working as a rider is forced to make a dangerous delivery that will put her life at risk during a night filled with urgent personal problems that she must solve through phone calls. Millions of people make a living as riders around the world, Fio´s story of redemtion is but one of them.

Director’s biography:

Ignacio Estaregui (Zaragoza, 1978) made his feature debut with “Justi&Cia” (2014). It was nominated for best comedy at the II Feroz Awards (2015). In 2018 he released his second feature film “Miau”. In 2019 he released the multi-awarded short film “En racha”. He has just finished his expected third feature film, “RIDER”.

Producer’s biography;

In 2013, Ignacio Estaregui founded with Gloria Sendino and Jaime García Machín, “Estaregui y Sendino & Machín”, a film production company that debuted in the feature film with “Justi&Cia” (2014), in 2018 they produced “Miau” and in 2024 “Rider”. He is currently developing two feature films, “A muerte” and “Hormigas”.

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