Cannes XR

Cannes XR Development Showcase –
in association with Kaleidoscope


Genre: Action/Adventure, Fantasy, Musical

Format: 6 DoF, Exhibition, Location based, Stereoscopic 360, Volumetric Capture

Produced by: Rotu Entertainment & Media, LTD

Language: English

Team: Jason Parks (Executive Producer), Kati Salowsky (Associate Producer), Michael Hoag (Technical Director), Cesar Suarez (Audio Director), Simone Scazzocchio (Music Director), Joe Kataldo (Sound Designer), Jamie Gibson (3d Artist), Charles Logan (Art Director), Emir Cerman (Creative Director)

Runtime: 40 minutes

Projected production date: 01/06/2020

Budget in place: $850,000

Projected budget: $1,500,000

Country: US

Rhythm of the Universe: Ionia addresses deforestation and habitat destruction in an interactive “story-living” Virtual Reality game. Deep in a magical forest, a creature of immense power lies injured. Two children, a mute boy, and his precocious sister embark on a quest to find and heal this mythical creature with the power of music. Ionia is the first installation in a series of story-living VR games centered around socially-conscious issues seen through the unique perspective of music, mythology, and history. At ROTU Entertainment, we believe in the transformative power of music and how it can connect us all. We believe in cultivating love, kindness, and curiosity. We strive to create stories that inspire and uplift. We develop games welcoming to all. We strive to be shepherds in the virtual world, gathering and guiding those who will always believe in the power of good. ROTU Entertainment donates a portion of Ionia’s proceeds to Wildlife Foundations to help conserve nature and reduce the most pressing threats to the diversity of life on Earth.


Play area: Room Scale

Number of players: Singe-player

Built with: Unreal, Maya 3d, 3ds Max, Wwise, Xsense, Faceware

Compatibility: Windows Mixed Reality, Vive Pro Eye, Vive Pro, Vive, Valve Index, Oculus Rift S, Oculus Rift, Oculus Dk2

Distribution: Dreamscape Immersive, Viveport, Festivals, Vr Arcardes, Steam Vr, Oculus Store, LBE