Cannes XR

VeeR Future Award


Genre: Immersive Storytelling

Format: 360 Stereo Video

Produced by: K’ARTS AT LAB

Team: Sngmoo Lee (Creator), Youngyun Song (Director), Sergio Bromberg (Technical Artist), Thura Maung (Original Story) Jinhyeong Kim (Photography Director), Cooper Yoo (Technical Director), Hyejin Jeon, Chugyean Cho, Donghun Shin & Yeonjee Kim (Co Producers), Hwaeun Kim & Yunjeong Kim (Tilt Brush Artists), Soojin Kim & Jiwon Son (Original Score), Chulho Jang (Sound Supervisor), Toe Thet Pang (Thura), Junghwan Oh (Thura’s Voice), Birdhand (Production Company), KOCCA (Fund)

Rain Fruits” is based on a personal writing of Thura, an alien worker from Myanmar in Korea. As a foreign worker and an observer of Korea, Thura depicts social inequalities and discrepancies against alien workers while sharing his poetic comments on the glamours and dark sides of the modern capitalist society. Calmly narrating his views and experiences in a foreign country, he juxtaposes stories of his childhood in his hometown where life was poor but more wholesome. Using empathetic power of VR and the poetic quality of volumetric point cloud imagery, creators of this project wish the audience to become Thura and experience the anger, sadness, alienation and nostalgia of an alien worker in a foreign country. Not just in Korea, but anywhere in the world. In this ever-changing capitalist world, everyone is an alien.

Play area: Seated

Number of players: Cinema 360

Built with: Unity