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Directed by: Julia Ivanova

Produced by: Julia Ivanova (Heartache Productions Inc, Canada), John Ritchie (Screen Door Entertainment, Canada)

Country of production: Canada

Runtime: 90' & 52'

Expected release: November 2020

Budget: $304,000 (45% in place)

Looking for: Festivals and TV or streaming platforms


The fight surrounding the construction of a pipeline in Canada starts in 2014 and ends when Covid-19 interferes with human ambitions. The camera has captured whole story — from economic prosperity resulting from a rise in natural resource extraction to the battle between pro and anti-pipeline groups. It ends with the pandemic bringing economic demise to people in both camps – a warning from nature to slow down.

Director’s profile:

Julia Ivanova is a Canadian documentary director, producer, editor and cinematographer who was honoured with a retrospective at Hot Docs Film Festival in 2019 as a “significant Canadian filmmaker”. Ivanova is the creative force behind ten feature and TV documentaries. Her film Family Portrait In Black And White, about a Ukrainian foster mother and her 17 mixed-race foster children, was screened at Sundance and was named Best Canadian Feature at Hot Docs.“Love Translated”, “Fatherhood Dreams”, “From Russia, For Love” “Loving a Stranger” are some of Ivanova’s other films.“Julia Ivanova is a bright light in the Canadian documentary world. Her adventurousness and passion as a filmmaker, coupled with her acute ability to connect with her subjects and draw out their stories with great insight, is nothing short of remarkable.” – Shane Smith, director of programming at Hot Docs.