Cannes XR

VeeR Future Award


Genre: Action/Adventure, Science-fiction, Thriller

Format: 360 Stereo Video

Produced by: VeeR (CN), Abnormal TV

Team: Jingshu Chen (Executive Producer), Pinqing Li (Producer), Lin Zhao (Director, Writer, Editor), Rosie Ruogu Huang (Manager)

OVERLAP is a suspense VR live-action film telling about a frustrated cartoonist who is trapped in his VR games until he overcomes his inner fear. It takes place in the cartoonist’s home and VR game world, and somewhere in between… You (audience perspective) are beside the cartoonist to witness his adventure, experiencing his ups and downs. It’s a conceptual and allegorical story with an open ending that audience can have their own interpretations. Lin Zhao, as an experienced VR filmmaker, keeps pushing the boundary of spatial storytelling and has smartly crafted the cinematography that organically transfers audience between two different worlds. Produced by China’s top mystery/thriller content production house Abnormal TV and top VR content distribution platform VeeR, OVERLAP will bring a unique voice to global VR content market and be a great VR viewing attempt for audience of Chinese LBE theaters.

Play area: Seated, 3dof, Internet

Number of players: Cinema 360

Built with: Adobe Premiere Pro, Insta360 Titan