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Presented by: Animation! Ventana Sur

Original title: Nihonjin

Directed by: Celia Catunda & Kiko Mistrorigo

Produced by: Ricardo Rozzino

Company: Pinguim Content

Country: Brazil

Country of production: Brazil

Runtime: 80 min

Completed in: 2023

Looking for: Financing, Sales Agent, Festivals, Distributors and Co-producers from France or Japan


“Nihonjin” tells the story of Noboru, a 10 year-old boy, who discovers the past of his grandfather Hideo and the Japanese immigration to Brazil. Having lived his whole life as a
Brazilian kid, Noboru struggles to understand his grandfather’s personality and his own cultural identity. Throughout the film, Hideo presents to Noboru Brazil as he experienced it, finally connecting with his grandson.

Target audience: Family, 8+

Project status: Pre-production